Do you know how buki quickly write a high-quality SEO article?

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As search engines become more and more intelligent, the way in which the previous crazy collection industry articles changed their titles has long since passed. Now Baidu’s AI is so powerful that the paragraph repeats more than a few characters or even a similar semantics can directly determine that you are pseudo-original, not included.

So, today I will share with you some of the issues of content creation in SEO, how can Xiaobai quickly write an original SEO article. Perhaps the biggest obstacle most friends have to write a new work is “What should I write today?” It seems that I have written all of it, or someone else has published it. There is also how to quickly write an article, and can be included by the search engine as soon as possible, to ensure that the quality of the articles written is high.

Below I will share my approach from four aspects:  collecting information sources, selecting keywords, setting content frameworks, and filling content.


First, collect information sources

In order for a website to be successful, it must have good products and content to retain users. Even if it is done for search engines, we must constantly provide valuable content, which is based on our information source collection. on.

Here’s the source of information, I mainly collect four contents:  industry information, industry big coffee from the media, general material collection, explosion title collection.  To a large extent, the source of information has determined your content selection and subsequent keyword selection, content framework, so collecting information sources is the most important step.

1. Focus on industry information, especially policy, government reports, statistics

As far as I am concerned, because I am mainly responsible for the real estate website, I pay attention to the information related to the real estate. I will do everything I can to find the latest information, such as policy information, government reports, and statistics, from Baidu search charts, WeChat search, various indexes, and industry websites.

For example, the recent adjustment of the Guangzhou Provident Fund withdrawal policy, such as the annual meeting of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the central government work conference and some house price statistics, such as the amount of real estate development investment in the first 11 months has exceeded the total development investment amount last year.

2, pay attention to some industry big coffee from the media number.

Here I generally pay attention to the public number and some headlines. These big coffee articles are worth learning on the one hand, and build our content material library on the other hand. For example, the financial numbers I usually pay attention to are: CCTV Finance, Finance and Economics, Financial Breakfast, Kung Fu Finance, First Financial Information, Phoenix Net Finance, Tencent Finance and other series.

How to find these big coffee from the media number? There is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid of people. From the new list of various media tools to search for relevant keywords in our industry, you can find these self-media numbers that are often published, and they are not listed here.

3, material collection

The material collection here contains text and image material.

The text material is mainly some industry official policies, big coffee KOL speech, high-quality articles, and small stories related to the industry around them. For example, in the real estate category, I can collect the planning of the Housing and Construction Bureau 2019 and the attitude of the central working conference on housing prices. The big coffee speech can collect Ren Zhiqiang, Pan Shiyi, etc., and then collect some of the high-quality self-media content mentioned above, and Small things happening around you can occasionally be written into your own articles.

Image collection, generally go to some copyright-free photo sites to collect some common images to save as a material, the image name is best named with keywords, related to the main content of the article, the image ratio is about 4:3, so the inclusion is faster.

4, explosion title collection

Therefore, I will use the media tool to filter out the headline of the headline and WeChat in the past week, analyze the frequency of occurrence of some industry vocabulary through the PivotTable, and analyze some ways for them to take the title. Then I will imitate it, continue to publish articles, build my own article explosion title library, and continue to summarize and analyze.

Finally, let me say that I have a habit of seeing the source of information that I can use, and sending it to my WeChat. In this way, I will not forget this matter. When I open the WeChat at work, I will digest this information source immediately. Of course, the method here is a bit earthy. It is recommended that everyone try to use cloud notes, Evernote notes, etc., to record some sources of information, writing inspiration, and so on.

Second, select keywords, tap the long tail words

Before choosing keywords to write an article, we have to figure out two things:

First, what are the needs of our users?


The second is what kind of content we can provide to meet the needs of users.

We need to build a database of our industry’s keywords based on user needs, through data analysis, and then find the right keywords to match your information source. For example, in our real estate category, the user group mainly pays attention to the price dynamics, the knowledge of buying a house, the housing accumulation fund, renting a house, etc., we will divide into several categories, build our keyword database, and then collect the information we collect. The source matches the keyword.

Of course, in general, I will first use the material to search for the drop-down box and related search in Baidu, so that I can roughly judge the keyword category. Of course, if you don’t have a keyword library, you can use the keyword tools such as Webmaster Tools, Love Station, and 5118 to expand the keywords according to the keyword categories and select the long tail keywords that best match the information source.

Another point to note is that in terms of keyword selection, we don’t have to choose those words with high index and high competition. Those long-end words with small index and small competition are more conducive to our ranking of soft papers, especially our weights. Low website.

Third, the content framework

 1. Take a good title and write a summary

As mentioned above, 80% of netizens are directed at the title and abstract to decide whether to open your article, so the appeal of the title and abstract is very powerful. Based on my experience in publishing, I summarize the following:

· The title of the article is controlled below 25 words;

· The article title contains content related keywords;

· The article summary is concise and succinct, can generalize the content of the article in general, and contains keywords, which has certain guiding ability;

Some commonly used methods for taking titles:

How to title: How to quickly write a high quality article every day?

Question title: Have you encountered the following three aspects of buying a house?

Suggestive headline: Master these 3 skills and increase your reading efficiency by 3 times!

Collection title: About the collection of contracts involved in divorce

Local flower title: Qingdao cancels the sale of the house, how will the future price trend be?

2, set the content framework

The content framework is mainly based on our long tail keywords combined with the subtitles of our topic titles. We generally select the total score to write a three-stage structure.

Start: Introduce events with stories, paragraphs, hotspots, and small things around you

Middle: Demonstrate the theme with 2~3 story examples, remember to focus on the theme

End: talk about the impact of this policy event, then talk about the official ideas to summarize

The last paragraph is generally advocating for the good side, giving advice and suggesting solutions to the problem. This is also the greatest value and significance of an article.

Fourth, content writing and uploading

If you finish the work of the third step of the skeleton, you will find that the idea of ​​your article is clear. In fact, this method is to help you step by step. After the third step, the whole article has been completed halfway. The next step is to throw a saliva and fill the entire skeleton.

Of course, writing is based on personal accumulation in many cases. For example, if you see a news report that the birth population has fallen below 15 million, I first think of it: the need to buy a house in the future will decrease, the house price will not last long, and the big one I have seen before. Before the research, “Low Desire Society” mentioned that young people in Japan have no desires, no dreams, no motivation, young people are not willing to carry risks, are unwilling to carry tens of millions of mortgages, the population is aging, young people are not married or are not married. May have children.

In addition, if you want to be quickly included, then the article will be of high quality, the article will be clearly structured, the theme will be clear, and the pictures will be well-documented. If it has not been included in Baidu for two days, you can submit the article link in Baidu, and you can not modify the title and content of the article. Continue to upload and give it a try.

Develop the habit of reading and the habit of collecting articles. This is the best way to accumulate the topic. The current news client provides a good condition for our fragmented reading. Want to write a good article, more reading is the first. Seeing content related to your field is collected

Look at how the outline of other people’s articles is written, analyze why others are so syllabus, where is his logical order, and then insist on writing down and summing up learning.

The above is some of the personal sharing of an original SEO, thank you for viewing.

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