How long does SEO take? Look at the in-depth analysis of SEO experts

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Although there are many problems with search engine optimization, few problems can be difficult to answer like “how long it takes.”

This is because, in addition to all the variables that work in optimizing your own website, you must evaluate those same variables in your competitor’s optimization efforts. This may be an already complicated issue. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to answer.

The short answer is “depending on the situation”.

Unfortunately, I won’t give you a special timeframe search engine optimization result, because that’s impossible. I will not share some secret formulas to answer this question, because this does not exist at all.

However, in addition to guessing, there are more questions to answer. The truth is how long it takes to analyze several variables on your own website compared to the same variable on a competitor’s website.

There are 3 specific criteria that play an important role in how long your SEO takes: competition, inbound links, and content.


Those of us who sell products/services will face varying levels of demand-based competition.

For example, a plumber serving a small local market will face less competition than a real estate broker in the same city because the latter faces less competition than a national mortgage company.

As you can imagine, the more pages you have against your competitors, the longer you will get results.

Difficulties and time need to follow a bell curve. In this process, the lower the page rank, the easier it is to move up, and it will become more and more difficult. It takes longer to get the page closer. The closer to the first page.

There is also an important, often overlooked aspect of the competition that most people don’t even realize, this is the number of competitions in a niche market, and the top web search engine optimization profession in this niche. The ability of personnel.

Think like this:

Demand drives the company into a niche market, leading to increased competition. Competition forces them to offer more competitive deals, which means they must occupy a larger market share in order to remain profitable.

This is an environment that is generally conducive to large companies with more financial resources, and they can hire the best SEO professionals in the industry.

If you face this situation, you will face a more lasting and more difficult battle.

2. Inbound link

Links are still playing a huge role in search engine optimization, which is no secret, but their impact depends on several deeper factors.

The first one is to link to your website. In general, more links will help you get SEO success faster, but it’s more than just a digital game.

A lot of links from low-quality websites will not only help you rank, but will affect your rankings and hinder your progress. Instead, you need to pay attention to the quality links of related websites.

Finally, the speed at which you get the link and the speed at which you get links in the history of link building are also factors, because in general, a sudden increase indicates an unnatural attempt to manipulate the rankings.

So, in general, you get faster, relevant, high-quality links, and the faster your rankings, but this is something you need to pay attention to. Your link speed – the speed at which you get inbound links – should be relatively stable.

If your link building strategy follows Baidu’s guidelines, it should happen naturally. Usually only when you use the Black Hat SEO strategy, you will see some unnatural ranking growth, which will slow your progress.

3. Content

The content posted on your website will also affect the speed at which you see the results. The first thing you need to know is that quality is important.

In fact, there is no minimum or optimal length – the content only needs to be long enough to solve the visitor’s problem.

There is a saying that you should slowly release new content, which stems from the theory that immediately releasing a large amount of new content will make Baidu look unnatural and affect your ranking. How people believe this content strategy is understandable, but it has been officially exposed by Baidu.

If you have good content, there is no reason not to publish it immediately from the perspective of an SEO. The sooner you get it, the more it will have a positive impact on your rankings. Waiting will only make your search engine optimization take longer.

It is worth noting that the website ranking is related to its age (online time). In other words, updated pages are often not as good as the old ones, but this is due to other factors, not the age of the site.

At this point, I recommend maintaining a consistent release schedule instead of a surge in the number of releases for two reasons:

  • It shows that Baidu’s new content is regularly added to your site, which usually encourages search engine spiders to crawl more frequently. Therefore, this helps speed up the SEO work.
  • It encourages users to return to your site more frequently, which may help to send positive user experience signals to Baidu, further accelerating your SEO efforts.

4. So, is this just a valid guess?

Our work is very much like a meteorologist. Although we have a lot of knowledge, experience and tools, we often make mistakes. Just like local weather forecasters, it is possible that the results of the broadcast are not very accurate. Our customers are often frustrated because they do not see their SEO competition ranking results in a short period of time.

Part of the work of SEO professionals is to manage customer expectations. This is an area with many failures and lessons.

Many customers now have unrealistic expectations and they want to get a higher position ranking in a short time. At the same time, many people think that it only takes a few weeks or even months.

You may find that in just a few weeks, organic rankings improved and keyword-themed traffic increased with little competition. On the other hand, moderately competitive topics can take several months, and highly competitive keyword phrases can even take a year or more!

For example, my team was able to rank the term “brand marketing,” which allowed the lead for several years to continue. However, despite our skills, manpower and resources, we spent about a year to achieve this goal.

I have also seen customers and even agencies use a strategy that violates Baidu’s SEO guidelines to speed up the process. Although this may work in the short term, you will end up with a penalty and may end up facing a site being K.

5. Be patient

You need to be ready for months to a year to see the results of SEO, but even then, you won’t be a frequent visitor on page 1 of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). In fact, according to a comprehensive statistical analysis, only 5.7% of the newly launched pages will reach Baidu’s top ten within one year.

The page will soon start showing their URLs and will soon display their brand keyword goals. SEO is a long-term effort that requires persistence and patience.


You can’t accurately predict when you will get the highest ranking for a particular keyword or topic. However, you can make high-level guesses based on specific variables. Over time, you can better understand how long it takes to conduct SEO in your particular area.


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