Black hat seo technology: Is it useful to use software to send SEO negative clicks to peers?

With the recent update of Baidu’s drizzle algorithm, many sites have been downgraded or K. Before a friend asked Yu Huiyu, using software to send malicious clicks to peers, can it be useful? I believe that many webmasters who do SEO optimization have had the idea that when their website keyword rankings are not available, can they use some unfair methods to pull down competitors’ rankings? Or use the negative SEO method to make the search engine misjudge and punish the website. Note that the negative SEO and the negative information of the network SEO are completely different here.

First, brushing clicks is a kind of cheating. The search engine is also cracking down on this click. For example, Baidu’s thunder algorithm, Xiaobian does not recommend that everyone do this. However, as the rankings become more and more difficult to do, it is not excluded that the webmaster uses this point to click on the competitors or do other negative SEOs, resulting in a lower ranking or K station. So let us know what are the common methods of negative SEO?

Common negative SEO practices

1, black hat SEO: such as hanging Trojans, hanging black chains, hidden pages, use JS to jump to BC, gray sites, etc., do Cloaking, modify Robots, add noindex, etc., need professional black hat SEO technicians.

2, attack the website: DDOS attack, so that the website can not open. This requires a lot of cost. An attack is useless. It takes three days and two days to open. This requires the other party to bear the cost.

3, duplicate content: a lot of duplicate content or mirror sites.

4, spam links: create a lot of spam links and unnatural links to competitors, such as gray words. The Baidu Green Law algorithm is to combat this link.

5,404 error: Make a lot of 404 errors, link to a page that doesn’t exist, and need a large base.

6, garbage turn: a large number of spam domain names or penalized domain names turned to the target site.

7, brush click: can also be said to be a user experience attack, not the same as SEO fast. From Baidu’s statistical tools, you can see the website’s click-through rate, bounce rate, and display volume.

The above seven points are common negative SEO practices, which will affect the search engine’s judgment on the website, and the website ranking will be subject to corresponding changes.

Why do you want to click on the competitors, why is the ranking getting better and better?

The first thing to understand is why the site ranking of the clicks will fluctuate? Search engines recognize a website is very simple, just understand the simplest example, assuming that A stands on the front page, the click is 100, then Baidu gives you the second or third page, your click is still There are 80 or 50. At this point, the search engine judges you to cheat, because real clicks are impossible, and then on the third or fourth day, the rankings are directly after 100. What should a normal click look like? When you click on the home page for one day, Baidu gives you fluctuations, the second page or the third page, then there may be only 5 or 10 clicks at this time, and then the next week to two weeks, if this is still, maybe not It takes a week. Then the search engine will naturally put you back to the home page.

Second, the base is good, it is easy to stabilize. Why is my website Changsha SEO not brushing, ranking can stabilize the top three? Do not consider natural clicks first. I don’t know how much I brushed my peers. That’s because even if the website is in front, Yan Huiyu often updates the original, and the outer chain is thick, and the comprehensive factors score very well. Many websites in the market brush clicks, the search engine thinks that you rely on the right to click, and finally the ranking drops. The base is good, even if you click on the button, the search engine also considers it a malicious click and will filter it out. Unless you have a bad foundation, you can do it.

Third, why do some websites not update the content, why not drop the ranking? Because if a website has been stable for more than a year, Baidu will already confess this website. To know that there are so many clicks in China, there will be at least tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of clicks per day, which is equivalent to having so many users. In fact, there are so many users of Baidu, don’t click on it, you I calculate 100 points per day for a station, 100w is a daily flow of 100 million yuan. This billion-dollar traffic is not a user, but is brushed out of thin air. How much data request does Baidu server have to bear? Comprehensive use, the effect is good, simple brush is not meaningful.

Finally, Xiao Bian emphasizes that with the artificial intelligence of search engines and the use of AI technology, Baidu continues to strengthen the recognition mechanism, often ip and software ip or md5 can be recorded. Although the brush click effect is getting worse and worse, there are still a lot of webmasters who are not tired of it. The starting point is different. The results are not the same. Don’t do your website well. I think about harming others through some unfair methods. What is the point? ? Do SEO, and do it and cherish it.

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