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The road is long and the road is long, I will go up and down, everyone, I am a happy hero!

Two days ago, I was invited by a great god to write an SEO article. Considering that most circle friends don’t know much about SEO, I hope to use limited space here, from the SEO mainframe, the current distribution of traffic and how to carry out three. In one aspect, we will introduce SEO roughly, and set off the red hijab of SEO, and then have a certain understanding of SEO.

First, the SEO mainframe

The current framework or formula in the industry that is more scientific and recognized by most practitioners is:

SEO traffic = overall search volume X overall inclusion X overall ranking X overall clickthrough rate

Overall search volume

The overall search volume, which is the total search traffic of the industry over a period of time. For example, in the A industry, the average daily search traffic is 10 million, so the average daily search volume of the industry is 10 million. Many industries have a low season, so sometimes SEO traffic increases or decreases, not necessarily because of the success or failure of SEO operations, which may be affected by the overall search trend of the industry.

The overall search volume directly determines how much traffic space each website can get. For example, the A industry has an average daily search volume of 10 million, and the B industry has an average daily search volume of 5 million. Generally speaking, the SEO traffic space of the A industry website is larger than that of the B industry, that is, the former SEO traffic ceiling is higher than the latter.

2. Overall inclusion

The overall inclusion refers to the number of pages that the site is indexed in the search engine. For example, the total number of A website pages is 100,000, Baidu includes 80,000, and the total number is 80,000.

The overall inclusion directly determines how many pages on the site can get traffic from search engines. For example, the tourism industry B and C websites include 10 million and 5 million pages respectively, which means that the former has 10 million pages to obtain search traffic, while the latter has only 5 million, in the case where the SEO level of the two stations is not large. It is clear that the former can get more SEO traffic.

The indicator for measuring the quality of a website is the inclusion rate, that is, the rate of inclusion = the number of pages included / the total number of pages on the website. As mentioned in the A website, the inclusion rate is 80%. In general, the rate of inclusion generally follows the following rules: less than 60% is poor, 60%-80% is good, and more than 80% is excellent. Is it similar to the excellent evaluation criteria at the time of school, but there is almost no 100% included here, unless the website is a single-page site.

The above is a general introduction to the inclusion, the actual actual operation will be accurate to the specific page type of the collection rate, such as the following figure:

3. Overall ranking

The overall ranking refers to the overall ranking of the included pages in the search results, which is generally referred to as the first page, because from the second page, almost no user clicks. For example, if you search for 100 words, the number of pages on the first page of A and B websites is 80 and 40 respectively. Obviously, station A has stronger ranking ability than station B, and it is easier to obtain SEO traffic.

The overall ranking reflects the competitiveness of a website. Under the exclusion of the influence of inclusion, it can be considered that the stronger the overall ranking of a website, the higher its SEO optimization level, and it is more worth learning.

The following is a search for a type of keyword, the overall ranking of each website, the greater the proportion, the better the ranking ability.

4. Overall clickthrough rate

The overall clickthrough rate refers to the number of times the page was clicked/the number of times the page was displayed.

For example, the A website is displayed 100 times a day in Baidu search, and the click rate is 10 times, then the overall click rate is 10%.

Since the most concerned users in Baidu search results are the title and description of the webpage, and the title or description that is more suitable for the user’s search needs and attractive, the more users can click, the level of user clicks, from this level, The overall click-through rate often reflects whether the page title and description meet the user’s needs and is creative. There is also a lot of emphasis on how to write these two pieces of content. It will not be expanded here. Only an example will be provided to let everyone feel and which results are more popular with users. Baidu search “small circle”, a certain three results (a big god don’t hit me, face):

At this point, the overall framework of SEO is completed, I believe everyone will look at it all the way, and have a general understanding of SEO optimization. Of course, here are just a few of the big aspects. In the specific operation process, each aspect should be subdivided and a complete data monitoring system should be established, so that when the traffic is increased or decreased, the cause can be found in time. Instead of indiscriminately asking a question: God, my website SEO traffic has fallen, what is the reason?

Second, the status quo of SEO traffic distribution

1. SEO flow changes

I believe that everyone has a deep understanding, with the development of smart phones, the rise of APP, more and more traffic from search engines to vertical APP applications, there are a lot of articles and data on the Internet to explain, here is no longer I will go into details. However, the interesting point is that with the growth of some vertical content platforms and APPs, they are increasingly equipped with the characteristics of search engines, such as Zhihu, WeChat, etc. I believe many friends have also looked at these two problems. The platform has been searched.

Although SEO traffic is divided up by various platforms, SEO is still one of the sources of high-value traffic for websites, and is the second-class high-quality traffic. At the same time, there are still a large number of search requirements in the search engine that are not satisfied. How to find this requirement and generate corresponding content to meet the demand, this is also a very good project direction. The best case is of course the “Google keyword” of a great god. Mining the market case of the market segment, haha!

2. Status of SEO traffic distribution

This part contains two aspects, one is the distribution of traffic between PC and mobile platforms, and the other is the domestic market share of search engines.

Platform distribution, according to personal observation and communication with peers, the current SEO traffic ratio between PC and mobile is basically 3:7~4:6, and there are also 2:8 in individual industries. It can be seen that mobile traffic accounts for a large part, so it is more valuable to do a good job of a mobile station than a PC station, and the degree of competition is much smaller than that of a PC.

Domestic search engine market share can refer to StatCounter Global Stats data for nearly one year.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Search Engine Market Share

Third, how does SEO work?

How to carry out can be divided into two directions, that is, doing it yourself and finding someone to do it.

Do it yourself

Considering that the friends in the circle come from all walks of life, I don’t know much about SEO, and I don’t have much energy and funds to focus on this one in the early stage of the project. I just want to pay attention to SEO when I am doing the station, so I Recommend two very good SEO basic knowledge platforms for these friends, namely Baidu Webmaster Academy ( and Google Webmaster Help ( .com/webmasters need fq), both platforms provide the best guidance on website construction, rich in content, from the shallower to the deeper introduction to the search engine principle and how to build a site that is popular with users and search engines .

Due to the content of the two platforms, the friends who first contact may not know where to look. Here I have selected two more important content of the platform, you can focus on it.

Baidu Webmaster Academy:

Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide 2.0:

Baidu search engine page quality white paper:

Mobile site is fully friendly to Baidu:

The latest Baidu mobile search landing page experience white paper – advertising article 2.0:

Google webmaster help:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Getting Started Guide: English version Chinese version

2. Find someone to do

Here are divided into recruiting SEO personnel and outsourcing.

Outsourcing this proposal first find an experienced and reliable individual in the industry, can’t find an individual to find a company, the company does not recommend it, or there is suspicion of advertising, haha!

to sum up

I have written so much, I hope that everyone is not annoying. In general, the narrow sense of SEO (search engine optimization) is indeed not as good as before, but the generalized SEO is still promising. For example, Taobao SEO, WeChat SEO, ASO, application store ranking optimization, etc. are all extensions and developments of SEO methods. As in the movie “Swordsman”, let me say something to Linghu Chong: Some people have rivers and lakes, and people are rivers and lakes. We can also say that there are rankings in places where there is a search, and there are optimizations in rankings. It may not be called SEO, but it will exist in the principle of SEO.

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