Do not understand SEO optimization, how to use the cloud to build a website to make the website ranking Baidu homepage

The company does not have professional SEO personnel, how to optimize the website? This is really a headache!

SEO is a very professional job. If you don’t understand the SEO principle, you can’t do it. Ask a professional. The monthly salary is basically over 10,000. Buy an SEO optimization system. The cost is tens of thousands of yuan. The average company can’t afford it. , if the website is not optimized, there will be no traffic, what should I do?

Now there is finally a solution. The well-known domestic website system developer – Yunzhijian Station combines 16 years of SEO operation experience with big data to standardize and intelligentize the SEO steps. Just follow the system prompts, even if you don’t understand the SEO principle at all. , can also optimize the website to the extreme.

Below, let’s take a look at how to use the cloud to build a website to optimize the website without knowing the SEO principle.

1, keyword batch settings

The key word is the SEO key project, but what if you don’t understand the settings? Through the keyword combination function of cloud index station, you only need to choose the combination of keywords, the system can automatically extract keywords from the vocabulary to help you generate keywords for products and articles, without having to think about it. How to set it up.

Keyword batch combination

2, internal chain batch generation

Add the inner chain, use the cloud to build a station, all settings can be completed with one click. Add a good keyword link in the background, the system automatically detects the content of the website, and automatically adds links to the target keywords. You don’t need to know too much, just add an anchor text.

Add anchor text in bulk

3, open the Baidu Bear Palm, 24 hours included

I usually work hard on the website to make an article, and I am not included in it. It is very troublesome. The cloud refers to the website to directly open the Baidu Bear Palm, and the articles you publish are automatically pushed to the Baidu platform. It is included within 24 hours. You don’t need to Understand too many SEO inclusion rules and prepare articles.

Open the bear’s paw and automatically push the article to Baidu

In addition to the above functions, you can also use the cloud to build stations to set up 404 and 301 pages, generate Sitemap files, pseudo-static settings, query SEO situations, and add friendly links. The functions are standardized and intelligent, very simple, some functions You only need to turn on the switch.

Seeing this, is there a question in your mind, I don’t understand the operation settings of SEO optimization, but it can be done with the system, but there are so many SEO operations, how do I know what I should do and what operations I need to go Optimization?

In response to this problem, Yunzhijian Station has added “SEO” monitoring function to the homepage of the website. Every day, as soon as you enter the management background, the system will automatically detect the performance of the entire search engine, telling you that those operations have not been done, and those need to be optimized. What else do you need to do today? You don’t have to worry about the optimization effect of the website because you missed some operations.

The website automatically detects the optimization and tells you what you need to do.

If you don’t know the SEO principle, you can do a good job of website optimization. If you are willing to spend some time doing in-depth research, it is entirely possible to implement the website within one month. Ranked on Baidu homepage. Go to the cloud and try it out for free.

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