Best SEO Agencies in Canada with Great Portfolios in 2024

Best SEO Agencies in Canada with Great Portfolios in 2024

You don’t have much chance to increase your sales if your brand is not easily reachable through search engines. And if you want your brand to be visible in Google and the other search engines, in today’s world, it is a must to work with a trustable SEO agency in Canada.

Your audience will be too narrowed if your potential buyer persona can’t find you on Google easily. So it will be worth working with an SEO agency to increase your traffic and potential sales.

Canada is one of the best countries for startups where you can have a multicultural business, supportive strategy, and innovative experiences. Startup community collaboration in Canada rises via innovation. And this innovation reflects on the professional SEO agency community, as well.

How to Choose the Best SEO Services in Canada?

SEO agencies can help you in various subjects. Your company’s needs define the process with you and your agency. We wanted the list the possible services which you get from the agencies.

  • Keyword Research: It will help you find the keywords to reach your potential clients. If the agency has proven success in your industry it will be easier for them to make successful keyword research.
  • Technical SEO: Technical part of SEO is as crucial as your content on the site. If your website is slower or hard to read for Google bots your success will be limited on search engines. So if your team is not an expert on these topics, you should get help from an agency.
  • SEO Audit: A SEO Audit should be the starting point for the best SEO companies in Canada. It will uncover your website’s issues and your needs.
  • Outreach & PR (Off-Site SEO): You need backlinks to rank on search engines but how can you get them? If SEO agencies know which websites to target and how to reach them, your chances will increase. In addition, the other websites which potentially could link to you should know your website and notice your “excellent content.” So when they need to write something about your industry, they can use your website as a source. It would be a game-changer for your business.

Best Seo Agencies in Canada in 2024

We wanted to introduce you to the leading SEO agencies in Canada to work with:

  • Major Tom
  • Massive Media
  • Pound & Grain
  • Omni Agency
  • Arnold Street Media
  • BoldXCollective

Major Tom

Major Tom is an international and energetic full-service digital agency with branches in Toronto, and Vancouver with its multicultural working environment.

Canada based agency combines the strategy with implementation and technology and cultivates the marketing strategies for their clients.

Strategy, marketing, creativity, and development are the pillars of their focus to evolve the brands. For instance, Illesteva, Zolo, Cirque du Soleil, Pirelli, Swiss Water, Loeffler Randall, and COBS Bread are some of the brands that they’ve worked with.

In terms of SEO services in Canada, the team of Major Tom merges strategic thinking with first-class implementation. The agency has clients from various industries such as fashion, tourism, higher education, and technology. For example, Criteo, an international B2B technology company, approached Major Tom for a well-executed SEO strategy. Through content optimization, the team skyrocketed Criteo’s site conversion rate by 78%.

Massive Media

Canada based agency Massive Media partners with solution-focused companies to achieve clarity, messaging and the technologies needed to thrive in the wild. Whether the end product is a revised brand, digital advertising campaign or a new website, our approach centres on deep cultural insights, clear strategic direction and the power of human expression.

Their team of researchers begins by identifying the conventions of the marketplace, uncovering the cultural edges and tensions that define an audience’s behaviours, beliefs, and values. So it would be easier for them to create new SEO and advertising campaigns.


DIJGTAL is an innovation-led strategic design and marketing agency. Their approach to digital marketing strategies is as follows:

  • Discover & Experiment
  • Activate & Engage
  • Design & Deliver

They can be a great SEO partner to help you rank well in search engines. Their great portfolio can be checked on their website with more details about the opportunity, approach and outcome.

Pound & Grain

Pound & Grain has been an independent and creative digital marketing agency since 2011. It has branches in Toronto and Vancouver.

The agency offers whole-brain thinking, hustle, and a human first experience with extra mustard on it. Pound & Grain provides content marketing, mobile app development, social media marketing, web development, and UX/UI design. Arc’teryx, Big Steel Box, Viacom, OUTtv, SAP, Nevro, and Bothwell are some brands that Pound & Grain has worked with.

Especially the work they have come out with Canada’s only National LGBTQ TV Network OUTtv was shining and visionary. The goal was to make the digital experience feel seamless. They redesigned the experience through a successful content strategy. Here is what happened: “overall subscriptions to OUTtv have risen more than over 800% over the same time period in the previous year.”


KRFTWRK is a digital design and marketing company dedicated to driving change. They do this through rapid prototyping, and growth marketing tactics including SEO.

They worked with ContactMonkey which is an email tracking software for Outlook and Gmail. Their goal was to dominate the search space in a highly competitive market. Through meticulous tweaking of their site content and ongoing SEO, KRFTWRK were able to push their search ranking to the top pages of Google, while maintaining high converting landing pages. They reached excellent results including:

+ 80% Increase in Organic Traffic
+ 40% Increase in Search visibility
+ 11% Increase in Conversion Rate

Arnold Street Media

Arnold Street Media, Inc. specializes in establishing your brand’s identity. Through crafting powerful digital strategies rooted in social media marketing, digital advertising, and customized creative content, their team of passionate specialists ensure that your story is heard.

If you are looking a full service digital agency including custom creative services like customized visuals and creative content and SEO services in Canada and Arnold Street Media is ready for you.

Omni Agency

As a full-stack digital marketing agency, Omni Agency have the flexibility to narrow in one service that they feel would generate the most impactful results. Although, the agency employs a full-stack that delivers exceptional results and is a better spend of your marketing dollars. So it means the agency will find the most optimal services for your organization including SEO services in Canada.

Omni Agency worked with SoftProdigy which is a hub of geniuses working together to provide genius IT solutions to their clients through intelligent business solutions.  Following a thorough examination of the client’s objectives and requirements, we determined that they required improved SEO performance as well as a result-oriented content marketing strategy.

Omni Agency optimized their website to follow the latest SEO trends and strategies. These strategies included incorporating the targeted keywords in their website content and improving the website’s back-end structure. Just in 6 months they reached 38.22% increase in organic search traffic.


BoldXCollective specializes in producing bespoke marketing, branding digital strategies, and SEO services in Canada that deliver high conversion and accelerate brand growth. With 15+ years of experience, their philosophy is to gain affinity from your target audience to achieve organizational goals and help your brand stand out from the rest.

They worked with Empathic Counselling Centre which is a Toronto-based clinic, specializes in anger management and intimate partner violence. The agency’s process was simple when it came to designing the website, they wanted to keep the same feel and vibe of the clinic’s previous website, but enhance the overall UX and make it more clean and structured overall. BoldXCollective paired this with a SEO campaign to capture more website traffic for key services offered in-house.

The new website was a hit and SEO performed amazingly over the span of 4 months. With the integration of tools to streamline the website and select services the practice has reached maximum booking capacity and is now expanding the in-house team due to an overload of clients.

How To Choose The Best SEO Agency for Your Business in Canada?

Due to the harsh competition in the market in 2024, it is a common struggle for businesses to boost their online services to thrust themselves forward. Developing an SEO strategy is the most significant incremental step towards establishing a reputable online presence and get more organic search traffic for your business. Thanks to these top SEO agencies, online visibility is not hard to achieve.

That is why we have tried to introduce the SEO agencies in Canada so you can check out their case studies to find the most suitable agency for your needs. 

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