Best Automotive Marketing Agencies in the USA


Best Automotive Marketing Agencies in the USA

Automotive marketing agencies in the USA shape the future of marketing for automotive brands. Collaborating with the best agencies helps you gain market insight, create effective strategies, and increase revenue. 

The USA comes forwards as a growing marketplace for the auto industry. Each year, automotive brands sell billions of cars worldwide. Therefore, you should build your digital marketing strategy with attention to shine out in the masses.

Here, top automotive marketing agencies help you create the best marketing strategy you need. These marketing companies provide various services, such as email marketing, content production, SEO services, or product development.  

Whether you are a startup or a global reputable brand, your marketing efforts should be directed the right way with help from an automotive digital marketing agency. This way, even managing a social media campaign or building a mobile or eCommerce app from scratch becomes easy.

12 Best Automotive Marketing Agencies in the USA

A successful digital strategy requires time, effort, and expertise. At this point, getting assistance from the best ad agencies helps you stand out in this competitive and crowded automotive sector.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best automotive marketing agencies in the USA. Explore their talent and look at their case studies before making any decision. 

  • Lounge Lizard Worldwide 
  • 1000heads
  • Flynaut
  • Method
  • Collective
  • 9thWonder
  • Clay
  • Punchcut
  • Blue Fountain Media
  • Baunfire
  • OneMagnify

Lounge Lizard Worldwide

Founded in 1998, Lounge Lizard Worldwide is an award-winning automotive marketing agency. They combine creativity with technology, providing effective marketing solutions tailored for each client.

For example, Reykjavik Cars is a car rental business that engaged Lounge Lizard to build an easy-to-use website. The agency provided a mixture of creative web design and search engine optimization services, leading to more online traffic and increased bookings. In the end, they even doubled the customer dwell time. 


DIJGTAL is an innovation-led design and marketing agency that specializes in automotive advertising. They emphasize originality, show confidence, and deliver outstanding results for their clients. Let’s explore one of their works in detail to appreciate their talent.

Black Series Campers & Caravans contacted DIJGTAL to enhance their digital presence and boost sales. First, the agency managed various social media marketing campaigns. Also, DIJGTAL helped the company expand their customer base through content marketing. The result was a continuous increase in sales YoY.


1000heads is an excellent digital marketing agency having lots of experience working with automotive brands. Before forming any plan, they conduct extensive research and rely on real-time data to create effective strategies.

They initiate online conversations around your brand, increasing awareness and visibility. They emphasize the significance of storytelling and help brands tell their unique stories in distinctive ways. Don’t waste time, and get in contact immediately. 


Flynaut is a talented, and award-winning strategic consulting agency that specializes in automotive marketing services. Their team of marketing professionals assists businesses in following the trends in the auto industry, trying not to fall behind.

Whether you are a fresh startup or a global brand, you’ll achieve your objectives with Flynaut. They help brands optimize their online presence and attract more customers while retaining loyal ones. Look at their portfolio for more info. 


Method is a well-recognized automotive digital marketing agency that offers excellent digital marketing services. They have more than 20 years of expertise in this field, helping brands transform ideas into results. 

Method operates in 6 different locations and works with various customers from all around the world. They can support you through your digital transformation, offering services ranging from digital advisory and experience design to software development and product strategy, 


Collective is a leading marketing firm that helps automotive brands reach out to the masses and increase sales. They go beyond traditional marketing opportunities and take risks while using new concepts and technologies.

Let’s see them working. Avis contacted Collective to expand their audience reach and improve their content. The agency came up with an effective content marketing strategy that accomplished what the company desired: 13.7 million reached and 2,792 new direct bookings.


9thWonder is a full-service automotive marketing agency in the USA with offices in Los Angeles, Houston, Denver and Dallas. They can offer you great results and high customer satisfaction rates. They are excellent in branding and website building, benefiting from their past experiences with global brands.

During their collaboration with APC Automotive Technologies, 9thWonder came up with a new brand messaging and developed a website that offers a flexible and convenient user journey. Their work generated a 300% increase in organic traffic and a 42% decrease in bounce rate. 

Clay Global

Based in San Francisco, Clay is a UX/UI design and branding agency working for global automotive brands. They have been working in this field for 12 years, developing and growing ever since.

From building a new mobile app to developing an existing one, they accompany their clients on their way to success. When it comes to advertising and branding what they have built, the agency is the master of it, too. That’s what makes them apart from other brands. 


Punchcut will shape the future of marketing. They are a user interface design and innovation company that works with various automotive businesses with diverse goals. They are creative, futuristic, and ultimately the ideal marketing partner you need.

For example, Infiniti came to Punchcut to discover luxury vehicle users’ behaviors to improve their services and products. In addition to user research, Punchcut offered services, such as video production, prototyping, and graphic design. The outcome was astonishing. 

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media brings together imagination and technology to help brands transform to the digital world without difficulty. They form the most effective digital strategy based on your capabilities and aspirations. 

Let’s find out what they accomplished for CDK Global. They are a leading world-class business providing technology solutions for vehicle dealerships. The task they assigned to the agency was to connect all the data in a unifying manner. For that, the agency merged more than 40 sites and supported 26 languages.


Baunfire is a website design and development agency in the USA, working with various automotive brands across the globe. The agency creates websites that increase traffic, engagement, conversions to the highest level. You imagine, they realize.

They follow the trends in the marketing industry and combine these with the best tried-and-true practices. Eventually, they helped brands maintain their long-standing position in the sector and acquire a positive reputation.


OneMagnify is a well-established automotive digital marketing agency that helps you differentiate from your rivals. They focus on retaining loyal customers with effective brand strategy, data & analytics, and technology solutions. Their team of professionals consists of designers, developers, and talented strategists. 

When Ford engaged OneMagnify, they wanted to expand their customer reach by reshaping the brand end-to-end. The agency came up with a new program that generated leads more than expected: a 15% increase in dealer sign-ups.

According to their portfolio, skills, and customer satisfaction, we’ve listed the best automotive marketing agencies in the USA. As an automotive business in this sector, you should choose the best automotive marketing agency suitable for your brand. 

While doing so, the first step is to determine your objectives and capabilities. Then, consider every agency’s strengths that are promising to achieve your desired goals. The decision is up to you, yet we are glad to facilitate your work.

Working with the top automotive digital marketing agencies helps you retain loyal customers, expand your reach, and boost sales. Also explore our best digital marketing agencies in the USA directory if you’re looking for one.


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