A super simple trick to quickly increase the title open rate! (detonated title)

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Say a thousand and ten thousand.

The content of the article is no better, the title also directly determines whether the user will continue to read your article. From the age of the paper media decades ago to the current social media, this has been the case.

Write a good title, there are a lot of tips that are recognized and verified:

For example, you can create suspense curious, related to “sex”, related to “I”, drama conflict, use specific figures, depict details, chase hot spots, know the body, use contrast, stimulate pain points, provide solutions, surprise offers Outstanding interests;

Create an urgent atmosphere, emphasize scarcity, indicate the region, promise value, use the big V endorsement, inventory collection, suffixes, suggestive dangers, guidance advice, direct identification of beneficiaries, stimulating emotions, etc.

The main functional points of these headlines are simple: attracting eyeballs, generating curiosity, inspiring interest, stimulating desires, emotional resonance, and guiding actions.

The goal is nothing more than to make users more interested in opening articles.

When users quickly browse a large number of headlines every day, it is absolutely a matter of moments to click without clicking. If a title doesn’t attract users to open within 3 seconds, it will never have a chance to play.

I believe that everyone will have such feelings, the title battle, the opportunity to fleet.

Neuroscientist Paul McLean once put forward the hypothesis of “the three major brains of human beings”. He said that when human beings make decisions that are not important or need to be made immediately, they will not do complex analysis, and more are based solely on Some of the most basic stimulating information, desire, instinctive decision-making.

Just like seeing the title to decide whether to click or not, the most important thing is the visual impact of the title, and whether there is one or more stimulus information to quickly stimulate the user in the title.

To put it simply, it is necessary to have multiple keywords that directly stimulate users in your title. You don’t need rational analysis, and you will “electric shock” at first glance. I call it the title detonation.

For example, many titles nowadays like prefix suffixes, such as “recommended collection”, “strongly recommended”, “just”, etc. These are all detonating words.

Also, we can look at the headlines on many news sites and feel the detonation words. It is simply the title hegemony!

At first glance, is there always a number of detonating words that will arouse your desire to click?

The role of these detonating words is to highlight the highlights of the content and attract the reader’s attention; on the other hand, it is to enlarge the title skills mentioned by the old thief at the beginning, so that the reader will click immediately.

Many professional books, self-media, and even some super-big brands will specifically study which keywords will increase the headline click rate and which words will lower the headline click rate.

In addition, the new Internet advertising law that shocked the advertising circle has focused on cracking down on a number of legendary limit words. In fact, it is because these words are too powerful and too easy to stimulate users.

So, we see a lot of blast titles like this:

What is the difference between a monthly salary of 3,000 and a monthly salary of 30,000?

What is the value of a school bag for Japanese elementary school students of RMB 5,000?

Don’t eat this thing, you will understand it! Be careful!

10 foreigners who have been robbed of goods by foreigners!

Luo Zhenyu: Is there anything more dignified than making money?

These headlines contain a number of detonating words that directly stimulate our click decision, greatly improving the reading of the content, and there are some interesting phenomena:

It is that the original author’s article is sent out to read and the title is not so high, and after other platforms change the title, the reading volume has skyrocketed and received a lot of praise. Among them, the “detonation word” played an important role.

So here, the skill to quickly increase the title open rate comes out:

1. Disassemble all the keywords of the title and remove the useless auxiliary words;

2. See if there are one or more detonating words that can stimulate the user to click.

Let’s take a few examples.

  • For example, “Abandoning a high salary, a wife, a big house, and running into the mountains as a wild man is a kind of experience?” 》

The title is split up: “Abandon, high salary, wife, big house, go to the mountains, savage”, in my opinion, these are all detonating words, all of which are to create conflict and cause curiosity.

  • For example, “Li Yanhong, Zhou Hongyi, Ma Yun and other 10 fatal mistakes made by Datun.”

The title is split out: “Li Yanhong, Zhou Hongyi, Ma Yun, 10, Da Yu, the most fatal mistake”, this is the use of suspense detonation words, digital detonation words and celebrity detonation words.

  • Another example is “XX company internal mail exposure! In the future, boycott this black heart enterprise.

This split is: “internal mail, exposure, black heart business”, these words are particularly detonated, belonging to the typical secret type.

  • Another “China’s first case! The famous female writer of Chongqing has been waiting for 50 years to return to life! 》

This split is: “China’s first, famous female writer, frozen body, 50 years, come back to life”, all of them can attract people, very powerful, even if it is reduced, there is no problem, such as “China’s first case! The frozen body of the Chongqing female writer is waiting to be revived! Still want to click.

Everyone can experience some good titles and meditation.

Also look at whether the extracted detonation words are strong enough. If the stimulus is not enough, it is necessary to strengthen and learn to make rational use of each detonation word.

In my opinion, this technique is very suitable for checking the degree of attraction of the title. We can check the title to improve the title open rate.

Of course, attracting the eye or getting a click is not a good title.

A good title can catch the eye and also make the user interested in clicking, but the title of the eyeball is not necessarily a good title.

It may also be the title party.

On the basis that the title can attract users, the old thief has previously proposed a “title 4C rule”, you can look at the farewell garbage title! The good title I understand should be like this .

Ok, let’s talk about it today.

It’s hard to write an article, it’s hard to write a title, and having skills can make a lot of efficiency. But there is no shortcut to this thing, and doing more inspections may be the fastest way.

Bacon said a word and gave it to everyone:

Life is like a road. the closest shortcut is usually the worst.

Life is like a road, and recent shortcuts are usually the worst.

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