Microsoft Open Source Xamarin API Docs

On May 9th, Microsoft announced the open source of all Xamarin API documentation , API documentation is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License , and any associated source code is based on the MIT license. The project is governed by Microsoft’s Open Source Code of Conduct .

The Xamarin.Android API documentation page is based on the work of Android open source project creation and sharing and is used according to the terms described in the Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution License.

According to Microsoft, the Xamarin API documentation was built using the open project mdoc toolchain for the mono project, which converts inline code comments into a dedicated directory of XML document files. When you update the source assembly, the added/deleted classes and members are synchronized to the document repository.

These API documents for open source have separate GitHub repos:

At the same time, Microsoft also migrated related projects from the old Xamarin home page to at the following address:

The site provides the same presentation, search, browse, localization, and versioning experience as the Microsoft .NET platform, allowing developers to filter by platform and version to quickly and accurately get namespaces, class names, and member signatures. search results.

My Review: Xamarin is basically not used by a lot of people. In the past few years, it has earned some eyeballs. 

On Windows, there are many traditional desktop development tools such as .net, qt, delphi, and electron. 
On the mobile platform anroid and ios, a lot of tools such as native, react, flutter, ionic, etc., there are many development tools that are compatible with H5 and APP. 
On the mac development platform, there is no advantage, and you have to learn the native framework to write valid code, almost learning two languages. 

The spirit of open source is good, but open source is not a panacea. Even if Xamarin attaches all the resources to the most lenient open source license, it can’t save Xamarin’s decline, 
because xamarin is originally an extremely poor framework, it is accompanied by “c#” “This big tree was born. 

Mono has been trying to compile c# to binary in these years, instead of compiling it into a virtual machine, and unity3d has long abandoned the mono c # solution, compiling the local binary, and abandoning the virtual machine that C#relies on. 

At present, the c # in unity3d is not the mono c# , nor the C# in the .net core, nor the c# under the platform, but the syntax compatibility is similar.

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