Chrome will no longer allow sites to hijack back buttons

As the world’s number one browser, Google Chrome continues to evolve, and Google has been looking for ways to improve the usability, security and performance of all platforms. Recently, Google began researching a new feature that would prevent websites from taking over the back button in Chromium.

Since many users find that many websites or web pages make the back button in the browser almost useless because they don’t want the user to leave the current page, in this case, pressing the back button has no effect, because the browser seems to be stuck on the same page. on. This is a gimmick that uses the back button to work in the browser and uses redirection or history operations.

Google said that some pages make it difficult or impossible for users to return to their original page via the browser back button. This is achieved by redirecting or manipulating browser history and leading to abuse and an annoying user experience. Google will solve this problem by blocking any behavior that does not involve user input, which means that pressing the back button will achieve the desired results and will not allow complex code to intervene. The new behavior of the browser back button skips adding history entries or redirecting user pages, but it does not affect the history.back/forward API.

This feature is still under development and can be used on all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS.

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