Best Automotive Marketing Agencies in the UK


Best Automotive Marketing Agencies in the UK

Automotive marketing agencies in the UK closely follow the auto industry to help their clients in the best way. These agencies offer effective digital marketing services and create customized strategies. 

Let’s start with an industry check. 

The global automotive industry will supposedly reach just under $9 trillion by 2030. Expectedly, 38% of the total revenue will come from new vehicle purchases. That proves the sector is fast growing and developing. Therefore, you should work with the best automotive marketing agencies to shine out in the crowd.

Top automotive marketing agencies help you create a successful digital marketing strategy. They employ email marketing to inform potential customers of discounts and campaigns. In addition, their social media marketing services include the management of marketing campaigns as well as content marketing. 

Visual content is quite essential in the auto industry. Evidently, in the last two years, time spent watching test drive videos on YouTube increased by more than 65%. Accordingly, many agencies provide services such as video production or graphic design.

Let’s introduce you to the best automotive digital marketing agencies in the UK.  

Best Automotive Marketing Agencies in the UK

According to research, 95% of automotive shoppers visit various digital channels to find information before purchasing. Numerically, vehicle buyers search on an average of 4.2 websites before any decision. Those stats demonstrate the importance of digital strategy for automotive businesses. Therefore, you should have an active online presence to attract these potential customers.

Let’s learn about the 15 best automotive marketing agencies in the UK and find out how they can help you achieve your digital goals. 

  • Crowd
  • Impression
  • Digital Uncut
  • 303 London
  • Evoluted
  • The SEO Works
  • Prototype Creative
  • 1000heads
  • Hydra Creative
  • Method
  • Creative Brand Design


Crowd is a full-service digital marketing agency in the UK which has lots of experience working with automotive companies. Their excellent marketing team is delivering results and helping businesses achieve their business goals. 

One of their works deserves mention. DENSO works with global automotive brands, providing advanced technology systems for their partners. When they contacted Crowd, they aimed to establish a social media marketing strategy to build awareness. 

Crowd helped Denso prepare for the world-famous automotive trade event, The IAA Motor Show. They organized an influencer campaign, utilizing both paid media and social outreach. The result was astonishing: 21% follower growth and 1.2M page impressions on social media.


Impression is an award-winning advertising agency that specializes in automotive marketing services. They bring together innovation with expertise, the qualities you should look for in the best agencies. 

Car Audio Center is a retailer business of car audio, road safety, and navigation equipment. At first, the brand faced a decrease in organic traffic and revenue. Then, they tried to transfer to an eCommerce CSM, which made it worse. 

Eventually, they contacted Impression for assistance. After a technical audit, the agency implemented the best SEO tactics. These helped the company increase conversion rates by 54% in just three months. Not only that. The agency also achieved an increase in organic revenue by 18%.

Digital Uncut

Digital Uncut is a talented digital marketing firm in the UK that helps startups scale and grow. They rely on extensive market research while creating the most efficient data-driven marketing solutions.

Let’s see the agency working. Hiyacar was struggling with underperforming SEO & PPC campaigns, preventing them from consistent growth. So they wanted to improve these search and social campaigns to increase revenue. 

The strategies Digital Uncut came up with helped them produce great results. In only five months: their Google CPA decreased by 85%, and their monthly bookings raised by 686%.

303 London

303 London is one of the best digital marketing agencies in the UK that works with various clients in the auto industry. Mostly, their customers are D2C businesses that seek services ranging from content production to campaign management. 

Established in 2018, Collecting Cars is a world-famous car auction platform. They started to work with 303 London in 2021. They aimed to increase brand awareness, thus needed interactive content and successful strategies. 

Here, paid media and audience targeting strategies generated more online traffic to social channels, thus more inquiries and high-value leads. Their result was 10,000+ bids and 1,000+ lead generation.


Evoluted is a full-service digital marketing agency also specializing in automotive marketing services. They combine consistency with quality, bringing about the most effective RPI-focused marketing solutions.

CarTakeBack UK is a car recycling company that partners with many global car brands. When they contacted Evoluted, the first step was to make technical audits and fixes. After that, Evoluted focused on producing engaging and authentic content with popular keywords. 

The combination of SEO and content strategy built a trustworthy brand image for CarTakeBack. Evoluted generated informative content for the motor industry, expanding the customer base. Finally, they reached what the Google E-A-T algorithm wanted from them: Expertise, Authority, and Trust. 

The SEO Works

The SEO Works is one of the top automotive marketing agencies in the UK that also provides excellent automotive SEO services. So whether you want to increase traffic to your sites or boost sales, they help you achieve your objectives. 

Manchester-based motorcycle clothing and accessories company contacted The SEO Works to improve traffic and increase sales. After extensive keyword research, the agency portrayed the target groups and their preferences. That also helped them carry the company website to a more SEO-friendly CMS. 

Eventually, they organized the Dainese campaign to achieve the desired outcomes. The result was 50+ new first-page rankings with 5x organic visits previous to the campaign. In other words, the company leveraged its online presence to its maximum levels. 

Prototype Creative

Prototype Creative shines out in a plethora of marketing companies with their high customer satisfaction rates. They prepare successful marketing strategies for automotive brands and work on web & mobile app development.

Established in 1931, TCH Harrison is a leading car dealership business in the UK. In a crowded and competitive industry like automotive, we know that after-care services and dealing procedures are highly significant. 

That’s why TCH decided to work with an experienced agency like Prototype Creative. Then, the agency designed and developed a car leasing micro-site in addition to an after-care mobile app.


1000heads is a social transformation company that works with various clients in the automotive sector. Relying on data & analytics, they build the best strategy using high-tech tools and creativity.

They benefit from VoiceBox for data & analytics measurement. Social Advocacy provides advocacy measurements of each client, thus prioritizing brand love. Social Fame assists them in identifying the conversational power of each brand.

Let’s hear what GOPRO’s director of social media has to say about 1000heads: 

“1000heads are amazingly creative and come up with outstanding social concepts that are truly conversational. They are one of the few agencies that truly understand our vision and strategy and how social can drive the goals of the business, not just the vanity metrics.”

Hydra Creative

Founded in 2009, Hydra Creative is an excellent marketing agency that prioritizes their clients’ needs and goals over anything. As a result, they transform the way businesses think about digital marketing, leveraging the potential of digital media to the highest.

Assured Vehicle Movements came to Hydra Creative with a big task. They were a new establishment and needed a unique brand personality. In addition to visual identity, they wanted the agency to build an accessible and easy-to-use website. 

After Hydra Creative identified the target audiences and desired goals, they helped the company define their values and principles. That process was essential in creating a unique brand identity. Moreover, they also enriched the website with engaging video content. 


Method is one of the best automotive marketing agencies which combines flexibility, innovation, and practicality in one place. Established in 1999, the agency provides a wide range of services from content creation to product launch. 

Renault is a world-famous automobile manufacturer. When they came to Method, the struggle was to gather after-purchase and during-usage feedback. Their system relied on paper-based questionnaires, thus having low response rates.

After extensive research and thinking, Method came up with perfect digital solutions that changed the game for Renault. Here, let’s hear how Method’s design director summarizes this process: 

“One meaningful question answered with care is more valuable than long surveys gone unanswered.”

Creative Brand Design

London-based Creative Brand Design is an award-winning automotive marketing agency in the UK. They specialize in web design & development, delivering ROI-focused results within short periods. 

Intercounty Truck & Van is a Mercedes-Benz franchise that enables car dealerships on their website. When contacted the agency, the brand wanted a fresh new branding with creative designs. 

In addition to rebranding the website, Creative Brand Design improved its website by implementing the Autotrader API. That generated a much easier user journey, leveraging the website functionality.

First, identify your objectives and struggles. Once you are decisive about your business goals, selecting the best automotive digital marketing agency in the UK for your brand will be much easier. Each agency has its own prominent features and capabilities that can meet your specific needs. The decision is yours to make, and we are happy to help you in your journey.


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