A Comprehensive Guide on Amazon Ads by PPC Geeks


A Comprehensive Guide on Amazon Ads by PPC Geeks

Whether you’re looking to increase brand visibility, consideration of your product, drive purchases or boost loyalty, with 300m+ worldwide active customer accounts, Amazon has a rich understanding of how shoppers engage with products and brands as they journey through the digital shopping landscape.

Amazon Ads can help you reach customers at every stage of both the discovery and conversion process. Their services can support you in the pursuit of your marketing objectives while helping consumers find the product they’re desperately searching for.

A Comprehensive Guide on Amazon Ads by PPC Geeks

So, with this in mind, PPC Geeks put together a definitive guide on everything you need to know about Amazon Ads, starting with how to grow your eCommerce business.

Grow Your eCommerce Business with Amazon Ads

According to reports conducted by advertising authorities, Amazon is starting to outperform Google in terms of Search Intent, with over half of internet users depending on Amazon to locate the products they want to buy.

In addition, as Amazon is responsible for almost 50% of the world’s eCommerce spend, advertising your business on Amazon is now an almost direct route to eCommerce business success.

Indeed, there are a number of key benefits of using Amazon Ads to help grow your eCommerce business. By using Amazon Ads, you can increase brand visibility in key locations, and therefore reach more customers and increase sales.

Furthermore, with Amazon Ads, you can also target customers based on keywords and pay for clicks rather than impressions. More customers than ever are using Amazon as a de facto search engine.

Therefore, targeting shoppers based on these two metrics can save you both time and money.

As Amazon gives more and more opportunities to business owners to grow their eCommerce businesses, both Amazon and big businesses are seeing impressive results as their enterprises continue to accelerate rapidly.

Understanding Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products are Amazon Ads that promote the awareness of your chosen product in Amazon’s wide and varied search results. Essential to the customer journey as they appear on almost every page, Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are the most popular kind of pay-per-click ad on the Amazon network.

If your objective is to drive sales and whip up interest in your products, then sponsored ads are massively important, especially because to the untrained eye at least, they look just like organic listings, however, they are identifiable due to the word ‘Sponsored.’

Unavoidable and highly effective, sponsored ads are huge brand awareness drivers, and because you’re more than likely serving your products up to shoppers much further down the sales funnel, you’re also likely to increase your revenue too.

So, by rethinking how you spend your budget, how you plan to outperform other vendors, or how you want to invest in best-in-class PPC, Amazon Sponsored Ads can without a doubt increase your ROI.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

Most Amazon Ads accelerate business growth, and Sponsored Brand Ads are no different, enticing shoppers as they browse Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Brands is a Pay Per Click style campaign that is designed to drive brand awareness among potential customers who are searching for similar products to yours. Unlike more established businesses who already have robust reputations, an up-and-coming business.

On the other hand, may use Sponsored Brands to begin to cultivate some type of brand visibility and, most importantly, brand loyalty, as this can be turned into sales.

Not only proven to unrelentingly driving brand awareness, but Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads are also extremely worthwhile in terms of sales, as their low funnel format makes it much easier to convert potential consumers.

That said, there are three main ad formats that you need to be aware of:

  • Product Collection – Product Collection ads promote three products at the same time; you can also choose the product selection and order.
  • Store Spotlight – Store Spotlight brand ads are very similar to Product Collection ads, except they centre around shops and businesses rather than products.
  • Video – The best way to get the most out of your Amazon Sponsored Brands Videos is to only advertise one product at a time and link directly to the product detail page.

Occupying one of the most desirable spaces on the Amazon marketplace, Sponsored Brand Ads are one of the most worthwhile, significant, and impactful ad types throughout the entire advertising sector.

The Power of Sponsored Display Ads

With Sponsored Display Ads, you can control how you want to market your product and where you want your ads to appear. A powerful remarketing asset, sponsored display ads target customers who have previously shown an interest in your product, empowering vendors and businesses alike.

The main benefits of Amazon Sponsored Display Ads span from increasing brand awareness to boosting your exposure for new product listings and driving consumers to your product pages, all of which improve clicks, reach, and sales.

Found mostly under the right-hand side of the buying options tab, Sponsored Display Ads also appear here, there, and everywhere across the Amazon marketplace.

PPC Geeks: Amazon Ads Experts

And so, that brings to a close our closer look at Amazon Ads.

With Amazon’s influence in the world growing ever stronger, it’s now more important than ever to get the maximum out of your Amazon Ads.

If you would benefit from help with any of the Amazon Ads discussed above, then be sure to invest in one of our free Amazon Ads audits.

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