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If you’re on the hunt for a source for free stock photos for your website or other projects, allows you to download as many as you need.

This free resource ties into the application program interfaces of several leading providers of Creative Common photos.

It gathers these images in one place, categorizes them, and makes them available to you and anyone else who can use them. Feel free to share this tool with your friends.

Check Out These Fifteen Popular Topics


What comes to mind when you’re thinking about a business environment, you’ll likely find here. There’s certainly more than suits, ties, and laptops involved, although you’ll find plenty of example of those. These free images range from towering office buildings to Mom and Pop shops. You’ll find laptops accompanied by the ubiquitous cup of coffee, and businessmen and businesswomen on the go.


There are plenty of images of conference rooms, some of which have nicer views than shown here. Examples of corner offices with much nicer views, as you would expect, are present as well. Pick a nice open office space, a crowded one, or a cluttered one. There are plenty of examples of people at work (most have laptops), collaborating sessions, or teams just hanging out.


When you’re browsing through photos featuring food, you’re usually looking for one that looks good enough to eat. There are plenty of those images in this selection. You’ll find varieties of fresh foods, prepared foods, gourmet meals, family meals, BBQ, picnics, and images of foods and food preparation in different cultures.


People watching is fun; even if what you see is only an image. Whether you’re looking for shots of people doing things, or people not doing much of anything, you’ll come across plenty of examples of both in this selection. You find people at the beach, people on mountaintops, people from far off places, and plenty of interesting and well-photographed street scenes.


There’s no guarantee you’ll find your favorite flower somewhere in this beautiful selection unless of course, you like roses, daisies, daffodils, or petunias. Most of the more common flower colors are well represented (even green!), plus there’s an abundance of wildflower shots, flowering trees, nicely-arranged bouquets, and flowers in vases or arranged in garlands.


Plenty of images of modern laptops (and cups of coffee), and lots of images of computer users too. There are nice shots of office settings, and more than a few images showing spectacular computer graphics creations. There are several vintage desktop models in the mix, plus hard drives, circuitry, and examples of computing in science and medicine.


Clouds come in infinite shapes and sizes. Most of the common types (cirrus, stratus, etc.) are represented; along with dazzling shots of clear blue skies. If it’s color you’re after, there’s an assortment of sunrise and sunset shots, plus at least one image that offers proof that haze can be beautiful. Spectacular night sky images are in the mix as well.


Here’s your chance to find the make and model you once owned, and would like to own again; or the car you’ve dreamed of owning. They’re all here, from foreign classics to sports cars, and vintage automobiles with lots of chrome and fins to rust buckets (mostly pickups). This selection provides some good hunting possibilities for auto-loving bloggers.


These canine images will please any dog lover, and are bound to impress even those who may fall into that category. The more popular breeds are represented, along with the usual collections of cuddly puppies and good old companions. Lots of material for blogs, websites, posters, calendars, and so on. You’ll enjoy browsing through these cool images of man’s best friend.


Just as is the case with quality images of food, you can almost smell the coffee in some of the photos that make up this topical selection. There are the usual shots of coffee cups and laptops, and coffee cups and newspapers; but, there are also shots of coffee beans, people enjoying their cups of coffee, and coffee houses – including Starbucks.


You’ll probably find more than a few cities you’ll recognize (Paris, Rome, New York) and familiar landmarks as well (Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and the Empire State Building). What really makes this selection sparkle, however, are images of street scenes, marketplaces, neighborhoods, old buildings, and people just going about their business.


Cats don’t like being dressed up. They prefer being ordinary cats or kittens. That’s what you’ll find under this topic. There are plenty of shots of adorable kittens (is there such a thing as an unadorable kitten?), cats and their owners, cats and dogs, and cats doing one of the things they do best – taking cat naps.


You can expect to find almost anything on a topic as broad as nature. Whatever it may be, it’s apt to be beautiful, breathtaking, or cozy. This category features mountains, lakes, seashores, wildflowers, hiking trails, and many more subjects. As is the case with most of these stock photo collections, a number are devoted to people; in this case, people enjoying nature.


Family life isn’t for humans only. Although most of the stock photos in this collection focus on family gatherings, little kids, and people holding hands, elephants, lions, owls, and a few other species share the spotlight. Family pets make appearances in a few images as well. You should enjoy these stock photos of families at home and at play.


Music-related images can send a powerful message, just as photos of food and coffee often do. While you can at times almost taste the food, and smell the coffee, you can almost hear the music as well. There are plenty of shots of musical instruments, including a nice selection of guitars and guitar players, and crowds enjoying rock concerts. A vintage gramophone even makes an appearance.


Whether you’re an aspiring photographer looking for inspiration, or trying to find just the right stock photographs for your website, it’s good to have a few on hand, and know of a great source where you can count on finding even more. But, that’s why you’re here – isn’t it?

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