Teachers & Students Can Discourage Plagiarism

Students usually have to complete various tasks in a short period; therefore, time management is significant for them. They often have a few hours to meet the deadline for submission of assignments, or random quizzes, etc. To overcome this problem, they mostly take a shortcut and steal the work or ideas of others.

This unethical activity can save them for that particular instance but affect them a lot in the long run. This immoral act seems like a fix, but it can affect one’s character and career.

The primary expectation of the educational work you do is to make choices that reflect academic integrity and a responsible attitude. Plagiarizing someone’s work and using it as your own will harm your good-will. Moreover, it may lead you to some severe consequences.

Teachers can play an important role in discouraging this unethical and spreading outbreak. They can strategize and develop assignments and tasks that require hands-on research from the students. Moreover, the use of some plagiarism checkers can be a fantastic increment in combatting plagiarism.

Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is copying and using the work of others without their acknowledgment. In this era of technology, where everyone can access the internet easily, it has become easy to steal someone’s writing and paste it into your content. Plagiarism can occur intentionally or unintentionally. But, here are some ways that can be adopted to avoid plagiarism in your work.

  • Use Your Skills

For students, it is essential to write your thoughts in your own words. The internet can be a great help in getting information, so the use of technology for research purposes would be beneficial. A proper understanding of the topic is most crucial for writing exclusive content. Give yourself appropriate time to get all the relevant information required for writing about the subject. Consult your teachers if you have any ambiguity. Teachers can also play a vital role in this regard. They should encourage the students and guide them in their work.

  • Appropriate Acknowledgment

The internet is the most significant source of information, and we all use this platform for research. Sometimes, we may find a quotation that can be used in our work. Now, how can we use a quotation without committing plagiarism? Well, you can use a quote by giving proper citations to the author. Teachers should also build this habit in the students to provide an appropriate acknowledgment to the authors.

  • Use of Plagiarism Checker

Some online tools can be a great help in detecting plagiarism in your work. These tools are beneficial in writing unique content. While searching for some topic over the internet or reading a book, some words or sentences get stuck in our mind so bad that we use them unintentionally in our writing, which can cause piracy in your content. To avoid this issue, scanning your content through a plagiarism checker can be a significant approach.

There are many duplication checkers available online that can be used for the detection of piracy in your writing. An efficient plagiarism checker can detect minor duplication in your content and provides you with the source of that information. Teachers can also use this online tool to check student’s work or papers and find any duplication in their writing within a second.


Plagiarism is a curse that can ruin your credibility and destroy your career. Therefore, you should always give yourself a chance and use your skills to write unique content. The use of some online tools can also save you from plagiarism and assist you in writing exclusive content

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