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Top Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2023

Many things have changed, but the love of everyone for entertainment remains the same. The only thing different is the form. If reading novels was a phenomenon in the 1800s, today, everyone’s favorite pastime is watching online videos.

In today’s digital age, online videos have become the go-to form of entertainment for people of all ages. With the demand for online videos skyrocketing, small businesses have also recognized the immense potential of video marketing. By harnessing the power of videos, small businesses can promote their products or services, build trust, establish credibility, and expand their customer base. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top tips for video marketing for small businesses, highlighting the benefits and providing actionable strategies to maximize their success.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a digital marketing strategy that utilizes videos to promote products, services, or brands and engage with the target audience. It involves creating and sharing videos that deliver messages, showcase value, and elicit emotional responses. Video marketing enables businesses to effectively communicate their unique selling propositions, build brand awareness, and establish credibility. By distributing videos through digital platforms like social media and websites, businesses can reach a wider audience, increase engagement, and drive conversions. It is a powerful tool for small businesses to enhance their online presence and achieve marketing objectives.

Watch this video until the end, and you will discover the benefits of video marketing for small businesses, along with facts that can nudge you to apply video marketing as one of your business strategies:

5 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Small Businesses

1. The Power of Video Marketing:

Video marketing tips is a dynamic strategy that utilizes engaging videos to convey valuable information to your target audience. By leveraging this medium, small businesses can captivate potential customers, foster deeper connections, and raise brand awareness. The versatility of video content allows for its widespread distribution across various digital platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, among others. Embracing marketing video tips can help small businesses generate leads, drive conversions, and establish a significant online presence.

2. Driving Social Media Engagement:

One of the primary benefits of marketing tips video is its ability to enhance social media engagement. Compared to traditional text and image-based content, videos are more entertaining and easier to consume, making them highly shareable. Research has shown that online videos can generate up to 1,200% more shares than other forms of content on social media platforms. To leverage this advantage, small businesses should create compelling videos and actively engage with their audience by responding to comments and feedback. By sharing videos on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, small businesses can expand their reach, boost engagement, and attract potential customers.

3. Increasing Web Traffic:

How to video marketing can significantly contribute to driving organic web traffic for small businesses. As social media engagement improves, viewers are more likely to explore a business’s website. By optimizing their websites and regularly sharing high-quality and relevant videos on social media platforms, small businesses can increase both the quantity and quality of their organic traffic. Studies indicate that businesses utilizing videos in marketing experience a 41% increase in organic traffic compared to those neglecting this strategy. As organic traffic grows, the search engine ranking of the website is likely to improve, resulting in even higher visibility and increased website traffic.

4. Enhancing Dwell Time on Websites:

Dwell time, the duration visitors spend on a website before closing the browser tab is an essential metric for businesses. Video marketing strategy can significantly contribute to increasing dwell time on websites. Statistics reveal that, on average, netizens spend 88% more time on websites that incorporate engaging video content. To keep visitors engaged and entertained, small businesses should create high-quality and relevant videos that resonate with their target audience. By providing valuable video content, small businesses can encourage visitors to spend more time on their websites and increase the likelihood of repeat visits.

5. Driving Conversions and Sales:

Arguably the most significant benefit of video strategies for small businesses is its potential to drive conversions and influence purchasing decisions. A staggering 90% of customers have reported that watching online videos has influenced their shopping decisions. Unlike traditional product descriptions, videos provide a more immersive and informative experience, enabling customers to visualize products from various angles and understand their usage. By showcasing products or services through videos, small businesses can inspire trust, increase customer confidence, and prompt immediate purchases.

Effective Strategies for Creating a Quality Video Marketing Campaign:

Now that we understand the benefits of video strategy marketing for small businesses, let’s explore three essential strategies for creating a successful video marketing campaign:

1. Add Subtitles for Accessibility:

To ensure that your video content reaches a wider audience and caters to individuals with hearing impairments, it is crucial to add subtitles. Subtitles not only make your videos more inclusive but also help viewers understand the content even when audio quality is compromised. However, it is essential to choose a text color that contrasts with the background to ensure readability and accessibility.

2. Keep Videos Concise and Engaging:

In today’s fast-paced world, attention spans are shrinking. To captivate your audience and maximize engagement, it is vital to keep your videos short and compelling. Aim for a duration of 30 seconds to 1 minute, especially for videos intended for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Grab viewers’ attention from the outset, maintain a clear and concise message, and incorporate visually appealing elements to keep them hooked.

3. Authenticity and Transparency:

In an era dominated by platforms like TikTok and Reels, authenticity and transparency are highly valued by consumers. When creating video content for your small business, embrace authenticity and avoid sugar-coating your message. By providing genuine and unfiltered information, you can build trust and credibility with your audience. Authenticity fosters meaningful connections and establishes your business as a reliable source of information and products.


Video marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for small businesses to reach their target audience, enhance engagement, drive web traffic, increase dwell time, and boost conversions.By following these video marketing tips, small businesses can improve their social media engagement, acquire more web traffic, increase dwell time on their websites, and ultimately increase the likelihood of customers making purchases. With a strong video marketing strategy, businesses can effectively communicate their message, establish trust with their audience, and drive sales. To make the most of video marketing, businesses should consider working with a video marketing strategist who can provide expert guidance and help develop effective video strategies tailored to their unique goals.

Remember, video marketing is not just a trend but a powerful tool that can revolutionize your small business’s online presence. By implementing these video strategy marketing techniques, you can stay ahead of the competition, connect with your target audience, and achieve long-term success.

So, grab your camera, unleash your creativity, and start reaping the benefits of video marketing for your small business today!

While this trend is ongoing, use online videos to your advantage by incorporating video marketing into your business strategy to broaden your reach and increase sales.


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Top Digital PR Agencies in the USA with Great Case Studies


Top Digital PR Agencies in the USA with Great Case Studies

Best digital PR agencies in the USA help brands build active digital footprints through strategic thinking. They connect your brand with your potential customers in the most successful way.

Digital PR refers to using online networks to maintain and improve your brand awareness. The ultimate purpose of this strategy is to gain media exposure on various online sites. These might be blogs, podcasts, social networking platforms, or business networks.

Digital PR is highly related to SEO and link-building strategies. Successful and creative digital campaigns promote your website and create many backlinks. That helps you increase search engine rankings, thus building trust in customers.

Brands can employ digital PR to develop hyper-targeted campaigns to reach and engage their target audience. Digital PR, when implemented right, may also help you boost your SEO and establish a trustable and positive online reputation, thus increasing leads and sales.

Here, working with experienced digital PR agencies in the USA can assist you in achieving those goals.

Top Digital PR Agencies in the USA

Best digital PR agencies in the USA offer various marketing services, helping you achieve all of your digital goals. Let’s learn more about these agencies by exploring their talent and work ethic with case studies.

  • Blacksmith Agency
  • The Charles
  • eDesign Interactive 
  • Digital Uncut
  • Pastilla
  • Isadora Agency
  • AVX Digital
  • Moburst
  • Taktical Digital
  • Redonk Marketing 
  • Digital Authority Partners
  • Vrrb
  • 1000heads
  • Punchcut

Blacksmith Agency

Based in Los Angeles, Blacksmith Agency is one of the top digital marketing companies specializing in digital PR services. They create the best-performing data-driven digital products and online experiences.

Blacksmith AgencyBlacksmith Agency

Coaching Right Now aimed to improve their brand awareness by establishing an expert brand voice. The agency included case studies and the “How We Work” section, showing the brand’s results-driven services on their website. This way, Blacksmith was able to enhance their organic traffic and SEO rankings.

The Charles

Established in 2011, The Charles is one of the top digital marketing agencies in the USA. They are famous for their innovative and experimental marketing solutions that deliver the best results within short periods.

The Charles agencyThe Charles agency

Hard Rock Hotels consulted the agency for increasing brand recognition. Then, The Charles designed and promoted the “Live Like a Legend” quiz to create online conversion around the brand. They employed various digital media strategies, including paid media. Also, this quiz required contact info to join, thus facilitating email marketing. 

eDesign Interactive

digital PR agency in the USA, edesign interactivedigital PR agency in the USA, edesign interactive

eDesign Interactive is an award-winning digital PR agency in the USA which brings together technology, storytelling, and visual design. Regardless of your business size or industry, they’ll understand your objectives and achieve those for you. 

The Frost King House is a DIY home improvement business. They contacted the agency for their mobile app development services. After designing a virtual house showing potential problem areas within, they developed a system where these areas drive the user to DIY solutions. Be ready. The agency even won Silver Davey Award in the Mobile Apps category. 

Digital Uncut

best digital PR agencies in the USA, Digital Uncutbest digital PR agencies in the USA, Digital Uncut

Digital Uncut is one of the best digital PR agencies in the USA that helps startups grow their business. They rely on research and data, creating innovative marketing ideas for their clients. engaged the agency to improve organic traffic and SEO rankings. They were aiming to drive high-value website inquiries. Then, Digital Uncut conducted keyword research and employed an effective SEO strategy. The result was increased organic traffic by 1063% YoY.


digital PR agencies in the USAdigital PR agencies in the USA

DIJGTAL is one of the fastest-growing innovation-led design and marketing agencies in the USA. They create human-centric marketing solutions that give the customers what they want and expect from a brand.

Hare & Forbes Machinery House has a long business history. To freshen their brand, they needed to be active on social media. Then, DIJGTAL organized a multi-channel brand awareness program, providing excellent content marketing and campaign management services. They achieved lower conversion costs and higher ROI rates.


Pastilla is one of the best digital PR agencies in the USA with lots of expertise. They see digital marketing as an art form, believing it requires talent. Want to see them in action?


Prist Christian Academy contacted the agency to enhance enrollments and interact with the current student base. Pastilla came up with a music video campaign idea. While video production processes build authentic relationships with existing students, the campaign also accomplished a 69% increase in new student leads from the previous quarter.

Isadora Agency

digital PR agencies in the USA, Isadoradigital PR agencies in the USA, Isadora

Isadora Agency is a groundbreaking digital agency that provides quality digital PR services. They put engaging and unique content creation at the heart of their marketing solutions.

The Marvin Group asked the agency to refresh their digital presence. Then, Isadora Agency designed and developed an eCommerce-like website enhancing on-site navigation and usability while achieving SEO goals. They also produced an informative video about the brand’s capabilities that captured great attention.

AVX Digital

digital PR agencies in the USA, AVX Digitaldigital PR agencies in the USA, AVX Digital

AVX Digital is a full-service digital PR agency in the USA working for various companies in different industries. They create a balance between organic and paid media in their strategies to reach the highest outcomes.

Foxcroft came to AVX Digital to increase web traffic and sales. Then, the agency created a multi-channel strategy that aims to raise consistent conversion rates. A combination of paid social ads, Display ads, and paid search campaigns enabled them to increase user numbers by 12% and achieve 3million new impressions & an average of 8.6% order value. 


Moburst is a mobile-first digital marketing agency based in the USA. They specialize in app optimization and digital marketing, having more than 400 media partners. They provide budget-friendly and innovative marketing solutions that clients need.


For one of the leading global brands, ridesharing app Uber, they constructed a strategy aiming to ignite visibility on an international scale. Not only did they incorporate new languages on the app, but also created a localization strategy. Eventually, in just 90 days, they raised the organic downloads by 27%. 

Taktical Digital

Taktical Digital is an excellent digital marketing agency, offering PR services to lots of clients. They help brands grow and scale through storytelling, multi-channel strategies, and effective media buying.

taktical digital, top digital PR agencies in the usataktical digital, top digital PR agencies in the usa

Taos Footwear came to Taktical Digital aiming to enhance ROI and sales. The first step was targeting audiences via Facebook Lookalike Audiences. Then, the agency included online customer reviews in the ads to promote the products. Thanks to the agency, they increased revenue by 79.9%, and ROAS by 18%.

Redonk Marketing

Redonk Marketing is a customer experience agency that develops the best-performing user journeys you can have. They help brands deepen authentic relationships with customers and improve their businesses.

redonk marketingredonk marketing

Vormetric wanted to shine out in an important industry conference, RSA. They needed a block-busting campaign to achieve that. During the campaign, they provided various services ranging from social media marketing to email design. Well, they did an excellent job and went beyond imagination.

Digital Authority Partners

Digital Authority Partners is a full-service digital consulting firm with great results and high customer satisfaction rates. To this date, they have reached out to more than 1.5 M monthly visitors via SEO.

Digital Authority PartnersDigital Authority Partners

Cove Markets, a leading trading platform, contacted the agency to increase users counts and attract more visitors. After a website audit and extensive market research, the agency found out about the conversion-oriented keywords. They also developed a content strategy to enhance high-value leads. Within 6 months, they earned a 14x increase in site traffic.


Based in Los Angeles, Vrrb is a website design & development agency creating phenomenal digital experiences for their customers. Regardless of your goal or business type, you are in good hands with Vrrb.


Verifi, a leading fintech brand, and Vrrb have been working together since 2017. They developed a comprehensive digital strategy that targets to drive new customers. From social or Google ads to social media content production, the agency helped Verifi on their journey to success. While lowering CPC by 56%, they increased avg. click-through rate by 231%.



1000heads is a full-service social transformation company that combines data, technology, and creativity to form the best strategy. They help brands tell their unique stories in engaging ways.

They worked with Google on improving how they approach their customers. Benefiting from advanced social analytics, the agency leveraged Google’s marketing efforts to get better ROI results.

Their strategies had driven digital outcomes that surpassed the expectations: 31+ million engagements via AGC, and $1 million in annual production savings via AGC.



Punchcut is a digital product design and experience innovation company that shapes the future of digital. They work with the leading global brands to grow their business to their maximum capacity.

WW had a goal of reaching increased engagement and conversion rates when they contacted Punchcut. Backed by extensive research blended with creative touches, WW and Punchcut created a unique and captivating brand story. And user testing allowed them to meet the needs and expectations of today’s consumers.

Best digital PR agencies in the USA help businesses expand their audience reach and build a trustable image. These agencies lead brands to grow their business and raise conversions. 

If you want to also explore the best SEO agency in the UK, check out our related blog article.



Top Digital PR Agencies in the UK with Great Case Studies


Top Digital PR Agencies in the UK with Great Case Studies

Top digital PR agencies in the UK provide you with the most effective digital marketing solutions. Their assistance and guidance will lead you to establish a reputable brand. 

What is a Digital PR Agency?

Digital PR agencies deliver creative digital marketing strategies aiming to increase your brand awareness. They combine digital and PR, going beyond the capabilities of traditional PR agencies. 

Digital PR teams have close relationships with journalists, bloggers, or social influencers. They promote your business through press releases or other media placements. They organize digital PR campaigns that attract the attention of many customers. 

These agencies employ search engine optimization and link-building techniques that drive web traffic to your sites, thus expanding your audience reach. Social media and content marketing services enable you to connect your brand with the digital public. 

After all, building authentic bonds with your target audience requires expertise. For a better marketing strategy, explore the top digital PR agencies in the UK with great cases. 

15 Top Digital PR Agencies in the UK

Traditional public relations become obsolete when done alone. You should advance your PR strategy to become a thought leader in your industry. Working with the digital PR agencies in the UK helps you increase brand recognition, reach, and sales. 

  • Crowd
  • Brave Bison
  • The Good Marketer
  • Hallam
  • CEEK Marketing
  • Impression
  • Digital Uncut
  • Adtrak
  • Disturb Digital
  • Tecmark
  • Damteq
  • HUB
  • Social Chameleon
  • Bundle Digital
  • Captivate Hospitality


Digital PR Agencies in the UK, CrowdDigital PR Agencies in the UK, Crowd

Crowd is an award-winning digital PR agency having an international team of marketing experts from all over the world.

When DENSO contacted the agency, they wanted to build a well-thought digital strategy. The agency provided successful influencer campaign management to increase their brand exposure. The result was a 21% follower growth and 1.2M page impressions on social media. 

Brave Bison

digital PR agency in the UK, Brave Bisondigital PR agency in the UK, Brave Bison

Brave Bison is one of the best digital PR agencies in the UK with great results. They provide you with the right content, networks, and strategy you need to achieve your goals.

The agency is partnered with VOXI to organize an influencer campaign to increase sign-ups to the network. They created multi-channel paid media campaigns and engaging content strategies. In just 3 months, they got the outcome: 10M impressions, 700k video views, and 141k clicks.

The Good Marketer

the good marketer, digital marketing agency in Londonthe good marketer, digital marketing agency in London

Established in London, The Good Marketer is one of the top digital marketing agencies working with small to medium-sized businesses.

Kuishi asked the agency to improve ROI while establishing their website as a leading sales stream. After an initial SEO audit, the agency conducted keyword mapping and employed SEO techniques. Eventually, their efforts raised eCommerce conversion rates by 52.84%. 


Hallam is an award-winning strategic digital marketing agency delivering outstanding results for recognized brands in different sectors.


Raleigh Bikes wanted to increase brand visibility and sales with the assistance of Hallam. The agency came up with a digital PR strategy including SEO and content marketing. They helped the brand achieve a 676% increase in eCommerce revenue YoY.

CEEK Marketing

CEEK MarketingCEEK Marketing

CEEK Marketing is a social media consultancy and digital marketing agency helping brands reach their business goals within short periods. 

The Savoy asked the agency for a marketing strategy that boosts SEO while ensuring the brand’s image is authentic. Therefore, the agency created a strategic plan, offering services such as social media management, search engine optimization, and content production. 



Impression will grow, scale, and improve brands to their maximum capacity through strategic thinking and with care.

Boiler Guide was facing hardships in gaining organic traffic to their site. Therefore, the agency provided a link-building strategy, thought leadership management, and content creation. Their digital PR services led the agency to achieve a 40% lift in organic traffic. 

Digital Uncut

Digital UncutDigital Uncut

Digital Uncut heavily relies on data studies to create the best-performing digital strategies specific for startups.

For TRG Datacenters, the agency designed a digital PR campaign to increase SEO through a backlink strategy. They also worked on creating a brand image that is more friendly. The landing page reached out to many, receiving more than 2,600 backlinks as of the year 2021. 


Adtrak is a full-service digital marketing agency providing intelligent and performance-driven marketing solutions for their clients.


When Delawonder came to the agency, they hadn’t even a brand name. Adtrak offered them various services including branding, website design, and engaging content. They also helped the brand promote their services through multi-channel launches.

Disturb Digital

Disturb Digital works with established clients such as BBC or Forbes to drive sales, high-value leads, and brand recognition.

digital marketing agency in london, disturb digitaldigital marketing agency in london, disturb digital

Mary Katrantzou wanted to attract attention to their fashion show and improve brand visibility. Therefore, the agency designed a series of Instagram stickers showcasing the brand’s excellence. On the first day, the videos were viewed more than 670,000 times. 


Tecmark is one of the best SEO agencies in the UK creating data-driven digital PR campaigns to help clients achieve more brand recognition.

digital PR agency tecmarkdigital PR agency tecmark

Sainbury’s Jobs contacted Tecmark to increase their job applications. The agency created landing pages and engaging content. Then, they employed effective SEO techniques leading to a 763% increase in organic traffic. 


Damteq is an excellent marketing digital PR agency building intelligent digital experiences and campaigns.


Aqua Cooling wanted to rebrand their business with a new website and digital marketing strategy. Damteq worked on their brand logo and guidelines and employed paid ad and organic media strategies to promote the websites. Eventually, they achieved a 30% increase in search volumes.


HUB is a digital PR agency that brings together industry knowledge and years of experience while creating the best strategy for you.

HUB, digital PR agencyHUB, digital PR agency

For London South Bank University, HUB managed a promotional campaign showcasing the excellence of the school through video content. They promoted this video and campaign during the enrollment periods and one of the lucky ones won the grand prize. 

Social Chameleon

Social Chameleon is a talented digital marketing agency specializing in creating effective digital PR strategies.

London-based digital marketing agency Social ChameleonLondon-based digital marketing agency Social Chameleon

They won the Most Trusted Digital Marketing Company in 2021 by SME Awards. They have 100% 5 star reviews as well as 6:1 average ROAS. Whatever your goal is, whether it is more reach, revenue, or awareness, you are in the right hands.

Captivate Hospitality

Since 2009, Captivate Hospitality has presented outstanding results and excellent customer service to hospitality businesses all over the globe.

captivate hospitality, captivate hospitality,

Smoky Boys needed a strong brand identity to expand their business. The agency created influential social media campaigns, retaining more and more loyal customers and a wide customer base. 

Bundle Digital

Bundle Digital is a digital marketing agency focusing on inbound marketing for B2C and eCommerce businesses.

Ranging from email marketing, content marketing to SEO or PPC, they deliver the best results your brand needs. They combine great content with effective SEO, putting the PPC advertising campaigns at the core of their strategy.

Top digital PR agencies in the UK help your brand raise awareness, leads, and revenue. Working with them enables you to shine out in this competitive digital world.


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Top 8 Marketing Strategies for Your Fashion Brand


Top 8 Marketing Strategies for Your Fashion Brand

In industry, as saturated as fashion, it can seem difficult for newer brands to grow and compete against already established companies.

While it may take some work, the fashion industry will never die so long as people need clothes and accessories, there is always an opportunity to start a successful brand, but of course, with the right strategy in place.

Fashion is a great realm of business to be in, as essentially many contributing members of society will make fashion-related purchases throughout their lifetime.

At Bold x Collective, their team specializes in fashion marketing strategies and has worked with brands in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, and beyond. In this blog, they will discuss fashion marketing strategies, tips, and how to succeed in marketing your fashion brand.

Recognize Your Demographic and Niche

One of the main errors upcoming brands perform is wanting to please and target everyone. This could mean all at once having both men, women, and children’s clothing options, or having clothing that is both targeted to younger adolescents and yet at the same time offering clothing for working-class middle-aged women.

Your brand needs to establish a clear demographic throughout its marketing, and its product offerings. If your focus is on being a more affordable brand for young adult women within their 20s to 30s, don’t release a clothing line focused on high-end businesswomen in their 40s; this will only confuse consumers.

Prioritize establishing a community from your brand’s main demographic and staying consistent within its marketing and products before branching out to a new target audience.

Our recommendation is to heavily focus on creating customer personas before starting any marketing. Some of the many key questions you want to ask yourself during this process include:

  • What is your consumer’s gender?
  • What is your consumer age group?
  • What does your ideal consumer do for a living?
  • Where is your consumer located?
  • What does your consumer do for fun or entertainment?
  • What are your consumers’ wants and needs?

This is one of the most important steps during the branding process, finding your target audience while discovering their pain points and figuring out your mission as a company.

Focus On Your Best Sellers

While this may seem like an obvious tip for some, fashion brands often feel tempted to hop on the latest trends to stay relevant and compete with other brands.

While this isn’t always a terrible idea, make sure that the trends and styles you follow are still consistent with your brand image and that your focus remains on your best sellers.

Your most popular items are your most popular items for a reason, so don’t get caught up in everything new and accidentally stray away from what has already been proven successful for you!

In addition to this, you also want to always keep your brand in mind. Branding is one of the key elements to success, not just in the fashion industry, but in business.

Branding is how businesses distinguish themselves and stand out from their competitors. When marketing items, be sure to always keep your brand in mind.

Regularly Instill FOMO Through Promotions

For those who don’t know, FOMO, which stands for “fear of missing out,” is commonly practiced among fashion brands on their e-commerce sites to instill exactly what the phrase says, a fear from the customer that they are missing out by not purchasing certain items.

This is an emotion you want to drive when it comes to marketing your brand. As twisted as it may sound, to create this emotion, you will need to convince consumers to believe that if they don’t purchase right away, they will miss out on an amazing deal that they will never find again!

For instance, your website should consistently have limited-time offerings and promotions that may persuade your shoppers to shop now, such as: “Free Shipping until 11:59 PM”, “15% OFF site-wide, today only”, or “Buy 1 Get 1 Free Only This Weekend.”

Including a countdown on your site to show consumers exactly how much time they have left and that this time is decreasing by the second.

This helps instill the sense of urgency to make a quick purchase decision before they miss out on a great deal.

FOMO has always been an excellent practice in the marketing industry, in fact, Bold x Collective agency encourages all their clients to implement this in their strategies.

Create Style Guides and Look Books for Your Brand’s Website

As a fashion brand, there is an obvious expectation that your brand knows how to style pieces of clothing together and create memorable looks for consumers.

With that in mind, having a section on your brand’s website dedicated to creating a style guide or a “look book” to showcase your products combined and paired together in numerous different ways to showcase their versatility and giving inspiration will instill the confidence many consumers need to make a purchase decision.

In addition to this, it’s also a great opportunity to upsell. The consumer will see a full outfit, and may love it, and become interested in purchasing the entire thing, which is great for your business!

TikTok’s and Instagram Reels for Fashion Inspiration

Like the point above, consumers love getting fashion inspiration through different sources. One of the most significant methods is inspiring your target audience through social media to give them ideas on how to style their own clothing.

Being that guide for fashion-oriented consumers will lead them to trust your brand and be interested in shopping with your brand. With TikTok being a huge and growing platform, it is well known for bringing overnight success and attention to many smaller and/or newer brands.

Instagram Reels, on the other hand, are being heavily pushed by the Instagram algorithm as an attempt to compete with TikTok. It’s a great opportunity to follow trends to create videos such as “OOTDs,” known as Outfit of the Day, or concepts such as “GRWM” also known as “Get Ready with Me.

At Bold x Collective agency, they always recommend posting your videos on both platforms, as it will widen your reach and attract many fashion-oriented consumers to your brand.

Partner With Fashion Bloggers and Influencers

Influencer marketing is continuously growing and there’s no shortage of fashion-focused content creators for your brand to partner with. With the fashion industry being so competitive, it is important to reach out to your target audience in any and every way possible. 

Partnering with the right influencer(s) that fit your brand’s style and demographic will help your brand get the right attention. Typically, when choosing the right influencer for your brand, you want to ask them for their influencer kit, so you can better understand their audience – age, gender, demographic, and more.

This is where the customer personas come back into play, as you want to make sure that their target audience aligns with yours.

Finding the right influencers for your brand could be difficult, especially when you are new to the industry, so they recommend partnering up with an agency like Bold x Collective, to help with your influencer marketing needs.

Encourage Testimonials and Picture Reviews on Your Website

One of the biggest challenges of being a new and/or small brand is getting consumers to trust your brand enough to make a purchase. With such a limited reputation, it often feels safer for consumers to stick to big brands that they are already familiar with and know they can rely on.

To try to limit this discouragement from consumers to branch out and try new brands, encourage the consumers you have so far to include written and picture reviews, where they showcase their outfits.

Written reviews are important, as consumers trust other consumers that are honest about the products, they spent money on.

On the other hand, photo reviews – reviews that include a picture of the item received either on or off the customer will help interested consumers imagine how the product will look and fit on them, as well as reassure them on whether the brand’s product image(s) are consistent/reliable or not.

A question Bold x Collective often receives – how do I get my customers to leave reviews? Consider giving them an incentive, whether it be free shipping off your next purchase or a 10% off discount code. Offer an even better incentive for those who leave photo reviews.

In addition, you can even offer a loyalty program or points system, where leaving a photo review will earn a customer higher points than a regular review, and these points accumulate over time to ultimately save customers money. 

Highlight Your Ethical Approaches

With a rise in ethically sourced and manufactured products, as well as environmentally friendly practices within the retail industry (especially fashion to go against the terrible impact of fast fashion and ethical concerns of sweatshops), highlighting your brand’s ethical approaches can convince and attract many consumers in choosing your brand over a larger, yet more controversial, brand.

Of course, this is only possible if your brand does, in fact, follow ethical approaches, but if your brand is connected to a specific cause, charity, or organization that positively impacts society, it is also worth mentioning within your marketing efforts. 


The fashion industry is one with numerous opportunities that will quite literally never go out of style.

While it may seem intimidating to enter such a competitive market, there are numerous ways to market your brand and get it noticed among your demographic through digital marketing initiatives.

The team at Bold x Collective is experienced in the fashion marketing industry and has assisted fashion brands with launching high conversion strategies in this competitive industry.

By specializing in branding, strategies, and digital marketing, Bold x Collective philosophy is to gain affinity from your target audience to achieve organizational goals and help your brand stand out from the rest, or as they like to say, be bold!

Contact Bold x Collective for a complimentary consultation.



Top Benefits of Link Building Services for an Established Website


Top Benefits of Link Building Services for an Established Website

Does your website enjoy a high ranking on Google? This is something that is a great achievement and you can know that online users are going to be able to find you.

It can ensure you have a steady stream of traffic visiting your site and if you are a business, you can be making regular sales for your products or services.

But, there is one mistake that a lot of people are making when it comes to their established website. They relax their SEO strategy and become complacent. In other words, they think that the hard work is done since their website is ranking well on Google.

Well, it is time for some home truths. Just because your website is ranking well right now, does not mean it is going to enjoy this same spot later down the line. In fact, if you have taken your foot off the gas when it comes to SEO, this is something that is going to come back to bite you later on.

There are many ranking factors for websites. Yet, an important one right now is link building. In particular, it is has become popular for websites to use link-building services.

Let’s discuss why this type of service can be highly beneficial for an established website that wants to maintain its high Google ranking.

First of all, let’s quickly go over what link-building services are if you have never heard of them before. Essentially, a company is going to offer a service where they generate links for your websites.

In other words, they take care of the link building for you and find suitable websites to place links on. This way, you can improve your backlink profile and this can help with your Google ranking.

There are many websites that give you a better idea of what you can expect when you choose these services. If you have never used link-building services before, this can give you peace of mind since you know how they operate.

How Can Link Building Services Help Your Website?

Remember, just because your website has been around for many years and has a good ranking at the moment, it is not going to stay this way if you relax your SEO. Here are ways that a link-building service can help your established website.

They Work in the Background

Perhaps one of the reasons why you have eased up on SEO is because you no longer have the time for this task. Indeed, this can happen when your business ranks highly on Google and you have a lot of customers interested in your products and services.

But, you cannot afford to ignore optimization altogether. Instead, this is where link-building services are going to come in and help.

A professional team is going to be able to work in the background on backlinks. They can link build for your website without you having to do anything. You are free to focus on other elements of your business and you can know that your link building is being taken care of.

Simply, the team will contact you to keep you updated on their progress. You do not need to do anything else.

They Improve Your Backlink Profile

One of the reasons why your website might not be ranking as well as it should is because you have a poor backlink profile. Namely, you might have never focused on link building and you do not have a lot of links to your site.

This is something that you can turn around with link-building services. They are going to focus on this part of SEO and make sure high domain authority websites are linking to your site.

It Saves You from Learning

There is no getting away from the fact that SEO can be complicated. There is a lot to learn and this might have been why you were neglecting link building.

Indeed, it can take a long time to be good at getting backlinks and this might mean that your Google ranking has suffered as a consequence. But, it does not matter how many years your website has been around, it is never too late to start link building.

With a link-building service, you can let the experts take over and get the backlinks for you. They have the experience and expertise to know how to move in the right direction no matter what your website currently looks like.


Digital Marketing

Top Creative Agencies in the UK


Top Creative Agencies in the UK

Top creative agencies in the UK offer the best marketing solutions you need to achieve your digital goals. While you can increase brand awareness, they also help you generate more income.

So, here is the question: Do you want to improve the way your brand interacts with customers? Digital creative agencies in the UK enhance the digital experience you present. This way, every online interaction between your brand and target audiences will transform into sales or bookings.

A creative agency includes diverse teams of professionals with various skills. These creative agencies may focus on marketing services such as advertisement, design, technology, or consultancy. 

These agencies form the best marketing strategy to enhance customer experience and raise profits. They manage your social media channels and organize a marketing campaign to expand your customer base. They also produce technological solutions to advertise your products and services better.

Creative agencies provide content marketing, generating engaging content for various social sites, including text content, videos, visuals, graphic designs, and many more for your customers to engage and enjoy.

Explore the talents and capabilities of the best creative advertising agencies in the UK through a look at their case studies.

Top Creative Agencies in The UK

Whether your goal is reach, sales, or reputation, you should work with an experienced digital marketing agency to achieve those. Here, the best digital creative agencies in the UK help you shine out in the competitive digital marketing world. 

  • The Charles         
  • Brave Bison         
  • The Good Marketer        
  • The Brains        
  • Hallam        
  • CEEK Marketing        
  • KOTA        
  • Propeller        
  • Digital Uncut        
  • 303 London        
  • Pixated        
  • Evoluted        
  • Zoom Digital        
  • Adtrak        
  • NinjaPromo

The Charles


The Charles is an award-winning digital marketing agency that specializes in creative production. Among many successful works they’ve done, one of these is especially worth mentioning.

When Aveda contacted the agency, the brand was preparing to launch a new product. The Charles combines creativity with strategic thinking, resulting in the most successful product launch Aveda experienced. Their efforts led to an average of 82% click rate and 271% engagement rate on social media. 

Brave Bison

One of the best digital creative agency in London, Brave BisonOne of the best digital creative agency in London, Brave Bison

Brave Bison proves their quality and excellence in numbers. They reach 138m online followers and achieve 2.2bn views monthly. Contact them immediately to expand your customer base. 

They worked with VOXI to manage a social campaign. The agency provided various social media services ranging from video production for YouTube and Instagram to authentic content creation. Eventually, their marketing efforts led to 10m impressions, 700k video views, and 141k clicks.

The Good Marketer

Top creative digital marketing agencies in the LondonTop creative digital marketing agencies in the London

The Good Marketer is an excellent creative agency based in London. They worked with brands ranging from small to medium sizes, delivering the best results within short periods.

When TeachKloud contacted the agency, they aimed to increase conversions. To achieve that, The Good Marketer conducted extensive research on the product, the market, and customer behavior. Then, they offered SEO and paid social services to the company that achieved an 82% decrease in CPC and %99 increase in clicks on social channels.

The Brains


The Brains is an award-winning creative marketing agency based in London. They organize ROI-driven marketing campaigns to reach the right audiences and improve your sales funnel. 

A leading B2B SaaS provider, Rezatec engaged The Brains to boost high-value leads.  After extensive research on customer persona, the agency offered a successful lead generation strategy with customized content funnels. Eventually, the agency increased leads by 72% while lowering CPL by 36%.



Hallam is a digital marketing agency with more than 20 years of expertise. They bring together strategic thinking, originality, and technical know-how to generate success for their clients. 

Cadent Gas Limited needed to improve awareness. So, with an influential video-based campaign, the agency created a trustable brand identity. Ultimately, the video reached over 15 million impressions, exceeding what they set as their goal.

CEEK Marketing

Top creative agencies in the UKTop creative agencies in the UK

CEEK Marketing is a digital marketing & social media consultancy agency based in London. Let’s explore one of their works to appreciate their talent better.

When Small Beer wanted to expand their brand’s recognition to international areas, the agency focused on brand advertising. The services included in their digital strategy were primarily SEO, PPC, social media, and website development. Going beyond expectations, the agency did an excellent job. 


Top creative agencies in the UKTop creative agencies in the UK

London-based branding and web design agency, KOTA, specializes in producing creative marketing solutions. For example, Bounce contacted KOTA to design and develop an engaging website.

The agency worked extensively on the user journey and booking processes for advertising & branding purposes. As a result, while enriching the website with attractive graphic design and visuals, they increased the average position in search results by 30%.



Propeller’s skillful team of marketing and design experts form the best strategies you need to achieve your objectives. For example, when The Parkgate Hotel engaged the agency, they were developing their new website.

The agency created a high-performing SEO and content planning to improve website visibility. Moreover, they advanced the hotel’s digital experience with successful landing pages.

Digital Uncut

Top creative agencies in the UKTop creative agencies in the UK

Digital Uncut is a digital marketing agency that helps startups grow their business. Their data-driven marketing solutions deliver the best results you want. Let’s explore one of their works together.

For Mitratech, they conducted keyword research, created engaging content, and developed a lead tracking system. Their strategic marketing efforts led to an increase in organic traffic by more than 60% MoM. 

303 London

303 London Creative Digital Agency303 London Creative Digital Agency

303 London is one of the best creative advertising agencies in the UK. This Birmingham-based agency works with D2C clients that aim to convert online visitors to customers. 

Established in 1988, WaterRower intended to improve brand awareness through organic growth and welcoming brand identity. The agency provided social media management with email marketing services, increasing YoY revenue by 20%.



Pixated is a performance marketing and web design agency that assists businesses in achieving continuous growth. They partner with established brands and have high customer satisfaction rates.

They worked with a global food company to improve their online subscription services. In just two weeks, Pixated understood the mission and executed the possibly highest results: an increase in eCommerce sales by 450%. 


creative advertising agencies in the ukcreative advertising agencies in the uk

Evoluted is an award-winning creative marketing agency based in Birmingham. They specialize in digital design, web development, and digital marketing. 

Let’s look at what they did for one of their long-standing partners, Bamboo Travel. First, Evoluted brought the company “Best Travel Website of the Year” award in 2013. Then, they raised session durations on the website by 59%, with a 29% increase in search engine traffic.

Zoom Digital

Zoom DigitalZoom Digital

Zoom Digital converts data and analysis into achievable strategies and ideas. We can summarize them in three words: talented, creative, and out-of-the-box. This ground-breaking creative advertising agency in the UK presents revolutionary digital experiences for every client.

Stella Maris asked to generate high-end leads and expand audience reach. Zoom Digital’s digital strategy combined various services such as social media management, web development, and SEO. The result was 15000 leads & 4.8 conversion rate.



Adtrak is an award-winning creative agency in the UK. Let’s name a few of these clients. For Doughnotts, they created an interactive and unique website that demonstrates their brand personality well. For CTC Training, they leveraged the brand’s online presence with stunning web and graphic designs.


Ninja PromoNinja Promo

NinjaPromo is a leading marketing agency with clients working in various industries, including fintech, crypto, B2B, and many more. They also help startups scale and grow their reach, visibility, and revenue.

The world’s foremost company in the crypto industry, Bitforex, started to work with the agency in 2020. Their collaboration initiated excellent outcomes: a 5x engagement rate, 85,000+ followers, and 2mln+ organic impressions across all channels monthly.  

How Do I Find A Great B2B Creative Agency in The UK?

There is one thing you should do before searching for the best B2B digital creative agencies in the UK. First, determine your business goals carefully. Then, once you know what you demand in the long run, you can look for an agency’s required skills and specialties. 

These digital marketing agencies reach out to the right audiences with successful marketing campaigns. For example, they might redesign your website with a high-performing sales funnel. Or they might provide social media management that highlights your brand personality.

Looking at their portfolio and skills, we’ve combined the list of top creative agencies in the UK. Identifying your goals and witnessing their works can help you decide which one of these is the best option for your brand.


Digital Marketing

Top Creative Agencies in the USA


Top Creative Agencies in the USA

Top creative agencies in the USA present great opportunities for all sizes of businesses. These agencies help brands increase audience reach, brand awareness, and revenue.

A creative agency develops and executes innovative solutions to achieve what its clients want. Whether your goal is visibility or more sales, you should work with the top creative agencies.

They help clients establish a brand strategy and create engaging websites. Some focus on digital marketing, and social media has a crucial role. They build a successful marketing strategy and advertise your products & services in various channels through marketing campaigns. 

In short, creative agencies help you deliver the best digital experiences for your customers. Let’s explore the skills and works of the top creative agencies in the USA in detail.

Top Creative Agencies in the USA

Many ad agencies are ready to work with you. Before deciding which one of those is the best suitable for your needs and goals, check out our list of the top advertising agencies in the USA.

  • Major Tom
  • Crafted
  • Massive Media
  • The Charles
  • Lounge Lizard
  • Digital Uncut
  • Pastilla
  • Isadora
  • AVX Digital
  • NuStream
  • Radish Lab
  • NinjaPromo
  • 9th Wonder
  • eDesign Interactive
  • Area 17
  • Baunfire

Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service creative agency in the UK helping brands establish a strong reputation. They offer advanced marketing solutions that meet your digital needs.

Major TomMajor Tom

For example, the agency focused on content marketing and user tracking for one of their clients, Criteo. Their efforts resulted in a 200% increase in organic SEO traffic and a 78% increase in website conversions.


Crafted is a brand-first creative agency in the USA, helping clients build strong brand identities in unique and innovative ways. Their branding ideas depend on extensive research and get stronger with storytelling skills.


When Aaptiv contacted the agency, they wanted to redesign their online fitness platform. Crafted helped them refashion their brand with new mobile-friendly website designs and optimized the user journey. Eventually, they achieved a traffic increase of 200% YoY.

Massive Media

Massive Media is one of the excellent branding and experience design agencies in the USA. They create the best-performing digital experiences for clients to achieve continuous growth in the competitive industry.

massive media, creative agency in the USAmassive media, creative agency in the USA

In 2020, the agency worked with KETCH to build an authentic brand from scratch. They worked on a solid brand strategy from naming and logo design to visual identity production. Moreover, they created KETCH’S eCommerce site and reached out to the masses. 

The Charles

The Charles is a full-service creative ad agency in the USA. They believe success comes from creative thinking, trust, and teamwork. 

the charles, digital agency in New Yorkthe charles, digital agency in New York

Hard Rock Hotels engaged The Charles to employ paid media strategically and build a new creative vision. The agency conducted extensive research, audience profiling, and competitive analysis. Then, they developed a brand and media plan that resulted in a 40% increase in revenue YoY.

Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard combines creativity with technology and marketing. They are an award-winning digital agency with more than 20 years of expertise.

lounge lizardlounge lizard

The agency worked on the Website Closers’ website to reshape their image in a new fashion. They focused on building a better user experience through informative pages. Additionally, Lounge Lizard offered SEO and PPC services to the brand, resulting in a 536% increase in time on-site. 

Digital Uncut

Digital Uncut is a great digital marketing agency for startups with offices in London and San Francisco. They put data and analytics at the heart of each marketing strategy they create.

Digital UncutDigital Uncut

For, they managed an email marketing campaign and launched a rebrand. They initiated a flourishing conversation with their customer base. The rising brand engagement led to increasing customer retention rates, thus building a trustable brand image. 


Pastilla is a groundbreaking creative agency in the USA. They mix data with creative storytelling, establishing strong brand identities for their customers. Their results-driven, purposeful, and informed strategies deliver the best results you want.


HFPA came to Pastilla to redesign their website in the best way to interact with their audiences. During their collaboration, they built a high-performing user journey and created interactive content that attracts many.  


Isadora Agency is one of the talented website designs and brand agencies that will retain loyal customers with the power of data. They present one-of-a-kind digital experiences, upgrading the customer experiences to the highest levels.

Isadora digital agencyIsadora digital agency

When LiveNation asked the agency to develop and manage an interactive marketing campaign, they have not known Isadore would exceed expectations. The agency worked hard and well, reaching out to millions of fans across digital channels. 


Established in 2008, WEBITMD is a digital marketing company based in Los Angeles. They start from understanding your audience’s buying process. Then, they accompany you on your way to growth and success.

WEBITMD, creative agencies in USAWEBITMD, creative agencies in USA

Dickies Girl tasked the agency with a rebranding mission, including eCommerce website development and a fully customized digital strategy. Although rebranding a 100 years old company was not an easy-peasy job, the agency did an excellent job. 

AVX Digital

Founded in 2001, AVX Digital is a multi-award-winning advertising agency specializing in branding and web development services. They carefully listen to each client’s needs and expectations, making them realize in short periods.

top creative agencies in the USA, AVX Digitaltop creative agencies in the USA, AVX Digital

Valentus is a parent company having many businesses under their roof. When they contacted AVX Digital, they needed a new website since they were going through some expansion regarding their family of brands. As a solution, the agency developed a cohesive and elegant website. 

NuStream Marketing

NuStream Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company in the USA. The agency specializes in graphic design and video production. Get ready to improve your digital production processes and presence with NuStream.



They help businesses shine out in the competitive market. We can summarize their work with three I’s: incentive, insight, and inspiration. Combining these three fundamentals enables them to achieve whatever the goal is.

Radish Lab

Radish Lab is a purpose-driven creative ad agency in the USA that helps brands create their own unique stories. They collaborate with clients who work in various fields, including many non-profit organizations.

Radish LabRadish Lab

Let’s name two of these. For the Women’s Refugee Commission, they created an informative and easy-to-use website that educates people on gender equality and human rights. For the American Cancer Society, the agency also established a digital narrative and website that explains to audiences how tobacco affects their lives. 


NinjaPromo is a globally-recognized digital marketing agency with offices all over the world. They strengthen the bonds between brands and their target audiences. Then, developing these authentic relationships leads to retaining loyal customers in the long run.

Ninja PromoNinja Promo

For Stockmusic, they created a comprehensive SSM strategy. Be it creating content and designing or advertising and reporting, they have done an excellent job. The result was 3x subscriber growth, a 300% increase in audience engagement, and a 270% increase in brand awareness. 


9thWonder is an independent marketing agency, ready at your service. They value difference and hidden opportunities over one-size-fits-all strategies. For example, Phillips 66 contacted the agency for lead generation.

9th Wonder9th Wonder

9thWonder created effective brand and campaign strategies, delivering astounding results. The campaign also revealed significant insights about the best-performing channels and brand messaging, thus leading to success in the long run too. 

eDesign Interactive

eDesign Interactive is a talented creative marketing agency in the USA specializing in storytelling, visual design, and technology. They create mind-blowing web experiences through practical strategies backed by data.

edesign interactive digital agency in USAedesign interactive digital agency in USA

Weaver Popcorn’s website is a great example of their talent and hard work. First, they analyzed the brand’s market and business positioning. Then, they composed a practical, smooth functioning, and engaging website. Only the design process took 352 hours, warm. 

Area 17

Area 17 is a brand and digital product agency with almost 20 years of expertise. They transform ideas and visions into reality and results. What they achieved for Getty, one of their clients, is worth mentioning.

top creative agencies in the USA, Area 17top creative agencies in the USA, Area 17

Before their partnership, Getty had an old-fashioned digital presence, not showing their multilayered character. Moreover, their website design was not so welcoming for online visitors either. With assistance from Area 17, Getty created a first-rate user experience.


Baunfire is an excellent web design & development agency in the USA. They create engaging websites, boosting online traffic to its maximum. Whether you are a leading global brand or a new startup, get contact and see for yourself.


Plex Systems asked Baunfire to redesign their corporate website, enhancing the user experience through interactive and appealing visuals. That also enabled Plex Systems to increase awareness and thus build a reliable image and position in the industry. 

How Do I Find a Great B2B Creative Agency in the USA?

Every digital marketing agency in the USA has its own prominent features and capabilities that you should know. First, identify your goals before any decision. Knowing what you expect and want to accomplish is a significant part of the decision-making.

Considering their work and talent, we’ve gathered a list of the top creative agencies in the USA. Hopefully, we can help you find your perfect marketing partner.


web design

Top Design Features to Lookout for Your eCommerce Website in 2022


Your eCommerce store is incomplete till it can find a way to retain and engage visitors. To accomplish this, merchants might want to create an aesthetic and easy-to-navigate eCommerce website. If your online store can ease the buying process, you’ll stand to receive a tremendous increase in revenue.

To achieve this, merchants might want to invest in specific design features to create a flawless interface for visitors. Users must find it easier to locate information. Such features will improve the way users interact with the eCommerce store and give them a memorable experience.

Store owners will be able to turn their average day-to-day visitors into loyal-lifetime users. Listed below are all the eCommerce design features every merchant must try to integrate into their eCommerce store in 2022.

Essential Design Features for eCommerce Websites

  • Search Wizard
  • Carousel Slides
  • Megamenu
  • Newsletter Pop-up
  • Product Comparison
  • Banners
  • Reviews
  • Help Desk

Search Wizard

Not everyone likes to click on a list of links to locate their favorite items. They might want to type it in and get to the product immediately. In this scenario, browsing through the site stalls their desire to purchase. Hence, merchants would need an advanced product finder on their website.

The search wizard will scan, analyze, and display vast volumes of related data in near real-time. Not only that but, it’ll also pull relevant data as soon as the customer starts typing (minimum three characters). The user would also get the option to view all the results for the typed search query.

Although not applicable to every eCommerce business, it is a very effective way to captivate visitors right off of your home page. Merchants can showcase top-selling products and other promotions to capture user attention. This feature is known to be impactful and informative.

Integrating this into your eCommerce store doesn’t take a lot of effort. Plus, it gives merchants a chance to present prominent information as soon as visitors land on the homepage. Present dazzling and persuasive imagery of your SKUs that tempt users to click, visit its product page, and purchase them.


A sophisticated mega menu that neatly lists all your products into different categories and subcategories will be incredibly useful for your users. Visitors will be able to easily browse through the site by merely navigating further in the mega menu. More than anything, it elevates the visitor’s user experience.

Merchants can first segregate all their SKUs and then place them into the categories and subcategories on the mega menu. Users will find it easy to locate the product. Merchants can even use icons and pictures against each label in the mega menu. Do not forget to make it mobile responsive.

Newsletter Pop-up

One of the ways to keep in touch with your loyal customers is through a newsletter. Add a pop-up to the home page that gets triggered after a while. Any visitor to your store must get to see them as a pop-up. The pop-up will collect an email address and forward information on deals, sales, trends, and other interesting data.

Newsletters are the best way to attract customers to your store. Even unregistered customers might convert upon seeing a brilliant deal in the email. Merchants get to engage users with trivia, tips, and general eCommerce news as well. Newsletters are the best way to nurture a relationship with your target audience.

Product Comparison

Now and then, users might feel the need to compare two or more products to decide which suits them best. In this scenario, having a product comparison tool simplifies their dilemma and eases their decision-making process.

Being able to analyze multiple products on various aspects will give users a better understanding of their choices. Users should be able to compare along, color, dimensions, weight, price, and much more depending on the industry. Allow customers to get the best overview of the technical details of various products.


The use of banners on the home page, especially animated ones, is known to capture visitors’ attention. Feature anything you want, but ensure the content looks as bold, dynamic, and colorful as possible. Stylish and visually appealing banners get high visibility.

Anything included in the banner will not go unnoticed by visitors. This allows merchants to have top-selling products, anything on sale, or even a countdown timer to create urgency. One thing is for sure that users will get tempted to click. As a result, it is quite likely that your order placements will skyrocket.


eCommerce store owners can reserve a section on their homepage to display reviews and positive testimonials with ratings. Visitors will immediately feel a sense of faith and see the credibility in associating with you. Therefore, any visitor that comes across this is more likely to place orders on the site. Genuine and honest reviews make the brand seem more trustworthy to the visitors.

Help Desk

Add a floating helpdesk to as many pages of your eCommerce website as possible. Customers use the help desk to submit tickets about their orders. Any issues that emerge during or after placing orders can be explained in the form that pops up after clicking this widget.

Submitting the form will generate a ticket, a unique ticket number is generated, which is then forwarded to the customer via email and a representative in the support team. Merchants can also use the unique number to consolidate every message exchanged about that order.


Allow users to add their favorite products to a wishlist. Furthermore, allow them to share the wishlist with other users on the site and share the same on social media platforms. Wish Lists are a great way to create shopping lists or gift lists. Also, this handy tool can serve as a reminder about future purchases. Users can find the products easily in the future.

Call-to-action (CTA)

Convince your users to take some action on your site by displaying a bright, prominent, and eye-catching CTA on various pages of your eCommerce store. A CTA would involve some form of future contact.

Logically and Qualitatively place as many CTAs as you can throughout the site. Uses shouldn’t have to navigate over to the “Contact Us” page or to a form to get in touch with a pivotal person in your company.