After reading 330 articles and 100,000+ articles, I have summarized these 100,000+ common routines.

Why is the reading of an article 100,000 plus, apart from the question of the fan base itself, where is the key?

The topic of 100,000 plus has been washed up countless, and there are various methods, but I still want to talk about my views on 100,000 plus articles. For every worker who does content operations, 100,000 plus is the goal that is pursued. Although the amount of reading is affected by various subjective and objective factors, after all, the reading volume of 10000+ is always very good. And how can we achieve 10,000+, what is the key to 100,000 plus?

After reading 100 articles of 100,000 plus, I have summed up a few classic routines about 100,000 plus, I hope to be useful to you.

In most cases, there are four types of articles that add 100,000 plus:

First, the industry is good

Take a few examples, such as the article of Li called the beast public number, as well as the article written by Liang Ning, Liu Shen Lei Lei. Let’s not say that these people are big coffee in a certain field, but only those who have deep knowledge of a certain field can write such brilliant articles. Of course, if a person can write such brilliant industry content, then he is generally not an ordinary content operator. In more cases, they are a net red, KOL. This kind of situation can’t be copied by many people. In addition to accumulating the knowledge of the industry, this kind of article still accumulates, there is no routine to say.

Second, social hotspots

Some time ago, the history of Japan’s invasion of China was once again turned out. The theme of comfort women has once again poured into everyone’s perspective. There is an article about 22, “They are waiting for justice, the Japanese government is waiting for them to die,” and there is another “Beat, Rape, Sexual Abuse… He painted a woman’s true story as a comic, see How many times did you cry? 》

There are many other hot articles, some extreme events, and it’s not good to eat people. Whenever there is a bit of turmoil in the society, you can get a better reading on this event and write some content. The key point of writing this kind of article is what your opinion is. The more brilliant and profound the viewpoint you bring from the incident. The easier it is to spread. People look at how you eat, if it is a positive attitude, this is nothing. There are also many entertainment events of celebrity gossip. Anyway, as long as you carefully observe, there are countless hot spots every day.

Another example:

“What is the reason for entrepreneurship? Although he is busy becoming a dog, his girlfriend has not gone.”

“20 million people in Beijing are pretending to live”

“Qinhuangdao murder case is another sensation, “getting to the middle-aged people who have no way to retreat””

These are some of the ideas extracted from social hotspots. Some people also have hot spots, but the opinions are general. Many of the contents are also taken from other places, so naturally there is no high reading. So for hot events, the key is to find a different entry point.

Third, on behalf of a certain mood

The third type is also what I want to emphasize, and it can be done by many ordinary content practitioners. There is no need for hot spots, and there is no need to accumulate knowledge in a certain field. I also call this article “emotional text.” The routine of this article is well understood, that is, acting as a ventor, speaking out the collective emotions shared by a certain group. The most typical representative is the emotional text, and those are the emotional texts about the unsatisfactory love. Such as the emotional number: Goodnight, Xiaobei, night listening, there are a large number of fans.

Most of the types of articles are like this:

“No text messages received, only people who don’t want to return”

“Why did you pay so much, he still doesn’t understand”

“Take a good cherish to those who are good to you”

“If he likes you, he will come to you.”

“Sorry, I don’t love you anymore”

“He finally returned to my message.”

Losing love is the normal state of life. The person I love doesn’t love me. I have paid so much, but I can’t get it. Basically everyone has happened, but many people drink and drink, get drunk, and hide their emotions deep in their hearts. They have not thought about the changes in psychological emotions when they are in love. At this time, if one person writes out the psychological emotions of the time of falling out of love, naturally it can attract the attention of others and trigger their emotional resonance.

In addition to falling out of love, there are also his themes, such as the helplessness, sadness and helplessness of the more recent middle-aged people. For example, the Buddha system was 90 after a while. After a while, I might say what happened after 00. There is also a year of youth that mourns after graduation.

Such an article can be said to be the easiest to write, and you do not need any open objective factual arguments to support your point of view. You can say how your friend B is, how is the small C, and what happened to the little D. This kind of emotional text is used to vent a certain kind of emotion, no one is going to investigate the authenticity of the case cited inside, as long as the emotion is reached to the pain point.

There are also several key points in writing emotional texts.

1. Things that you have experienced personally, you must have enough information to investigate without personal experience.

2, try to write in the first person’s tone, the text is easy to understand, and draw closer to the reader.

3. The group represented by this emotion is large enough, such as a middle-aged person, after 90, lost love.

4, the more simple the content material, the best, try to raise friends around the small B small C, these represent the example of ordinary people.

Fourth, showing some kind of conflict

The performance of this article in the title is the most intuitive, the typical representative is Mi Meng, although her article is also expressing some emotion, but more will reflect a kind of conflict.

Such as

“My assistant has a monthly salary of 50,000”

“Why are you still not married when you are 30 years old? Why are you still asking such a silly question when you are 30?”

“The girl who doesn’t like money, earned 15 billion.”

There are many similar ones, such as sales of soft texts and various news.

“Abandon the annual salary of one million, go home to sell tea”

“He has not graduated from high school, but he has become the most respected entrepreneur.”

“After 90, he already has three suites of life”

“Little Man” is a beautiful bride, with an annual income of 5 million. (Tencent News from a while ago)

When writing such an article, in the title, the conflict should be reflected in the form of storytelling. Of course, this article inevitably has a lot of title parties. The title party can lie to click, but it can’t deceive the second spread. When people click in, they find that they have been cheated. If they are better, they will not quit, and the bad points will be taken. So for conflict texts, it is best to have a real story under support.

There is another form of article that expresses conflicts. This kind of relatively humorous and confusing, although playing the reader to a certain extent, but can not talk about deception, but also makes people smile.

such as

“The man sneaked into the girls’ dormitory in the middle of the night and saw an amazing scene.” After the article was opened, it was a dark picture.

“What can be a stream of friends in the circle of love”, after the article is opened, is a dynamic flow chart, as long as this picture is a stream of friends.

“The Alipay bill reveals the secrets of the Chinese.” After the article was opened, it was a bold “poor” word.

After such an article is opened, the reader will feel that he has been deceived, but at the same time it feels very fun. Of course, if you play more, you will see that your article has no connotation and depth, which is not good.

Finally add the title:

The title can only determine one click, and can’t decide the second spread. If your communication channel is large enough, you can get a lot of reading by headline alone. This is another matter.

The real good article is that it has a factor of secondary propagation in it. The best thing about the title itself is to have a propagation factor. The specific method of operation is the same logic as the article, resonance and conflict, and trying to incite the user’s emotions.

to sum up:

In fact, in the end, why the reading of an article can be 100,000 plus, in addition to the problem of its own fan base, the key lies in the article contains the propagation factor.

What is the transmission factor: dry goods, resonance, conflict.

After reading the article of 100,000 plus, after reading it, people will have some kind of emotions. The emotions contain a variety of emotions, whether they are helpless or negative, or they are actively patriotic. In short, they will incite user emotions, and they will have a second spread.

Most of the small partners engaged in content operations can seriously study what problems your users will face and what emotions they will generate. The key to the so-called explosion is that it is just right for the user’s emotions.

Finally, I hope that everyone can write a disseminative article instead of pursuing a 100,000 plus number.

About the author

North Xiaoxiao, new media operation planning post. After 90, the Internet workplace has been working in the Internet operations industry. In marketing flights, she is very active, very good at learning, very deliberate to practice, I believe she will be more and more good.

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