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Various SEO Techniques Followed by Search Engine Optimization Firms


SEO marketing is the most popular form of internet marketing among new media firms worldwide. With the popularity of Search Engine Optimization outsourcing worldwide, many Digital Media firms and small and medium businesses are shifting work to SEO companies in India.

There are many expert SEO firms in India when it comes to SEO outsourcing services. Some SEO Companies strictly use White Hat tactics to optimize its client’s website in order to achieve higher rankings. Some SEO firms use Black Hat techniques to gain quick results. But such techniques run the risk of having the sites banned from search engines forever. In general few SEO Marketing firms in India provide comprehensive SEO services to its client’s right from Review and Analysis of an existing website to optimizing its on-page and off-page components.

Various SEO techniques followed by SEO firms in India are as follows:

Initial Analysis – This is the first technique in any SEO service package that SEO companies take while evaluating an SEO opportunity. This process involves the analysis of the website and main competitors, resulting in the formulation of an SEO action plan which sets the strategy for the search engine optimization campaign.

Keywords Research – It is one of the most important technique at initial stage. Keywords are one of the most important factors in assigning ranks to a website. Adequate effort is directed towards identifying the best set of keywords which drive maximum traffic to the website.

Optimizing Pages – It is one of the other technique in optimization. Creation of new content or modification of the same around the selected keywords with equal emphasis on readability and conversion rates. The expert SEO team at SEO firms ensures that the web pages are optimized with regard to the theme of the website.

Meta Tag Code Optimization – The Meta tags of the site are considered important by the search engines. Optimized Meta tags have positive effects on the ranking potential of website. The expert SEO teams at SEO companies analyze and optimize the Meta keyword, description and title of the websites.

Manual Directory Submissions – The SEO specialists manually submit websites to all major search engines & directories such as Google, MSN, Yahoo !, DMOZ and others. These directory listing ensure that the indexing of the sites is faster and surer. It is also ensured that the site description and category are very appropriate and fitting. SEO firms in India provide Manual Directory submission services at a fraction of the cost than that charged by International SEO firms.

Building Link Popularity – Link popularity continues to favor high amongst search engines. Link popularity is essential for achieving a good Page Rank (PR) and also in boosting a website’s search engine positioning. Link building is a tedious and time consuming Search Engine Optimization related activity and can be easily outsourced to low cost outsourcing destinations like India where professional SEO companies take full responsibility for delivering their clients Search Engine Marketing requirements. Expert SEO firms continuously develop new techniques of maximizing quality links, eg article submissions and press releases.

SEO Marketing Companies use a holistic approach towards SEO to ensure top rankings on major search engines.



Top Digital PR Agencies in the UK with Great Case Studies


Top Digital PR Agencies in the UK with Great Case Studies

Top digital PR agencies in the UK provide you with the most effective digital marketing solutions. Their assistance and guidance will lead you to establish a reputable brand. 

What is a Digital PR Agency?

Digital PR agencies deliver creative digital marketing strategies aiming to increase your brand awareness. They combine digital and PR, going beyond the capabilities of traditional PR agencies. 

Digital PR teams have close relationships with journalists, bloggers, or social influencers. They promote your business through press releases or other media placements. They organize digital PR campaigns that attract the attention of many customers. 

These agencies employ search engine optimization and link-building techniques that drive web traffic to your sites, thus expanding your audience reach. Social media and content marketing services enable you to connect your brand with the digital public. 

After all, building authentic bonds with your target audience requires expertise. For a better marketing strategy, explore the top digital PR agencies in the UK with great cases. 

15 Top Digital PR Agencies in the UK

Traditional public relations become obsolete when done alone. You should advance your PR strategy to become a thought leader in your industry. Working with the digital PR agencies in the UK helps you increase brand recognition, reach, and sales. 

  • Crowd
  • Brave Bison
  • The Good Marketer
  • Hallam
  • CEEK Marketing
  • Impression
  • Digital Uncut
  • Adtrak
  • Disturb Digital
  • Tecmark
  • Damteq
  • HUB
  • Social Chameleon
  • Bundle Digital
  • Captivate Hospitality


Digital PR Agencies in the UK, CrowdDigital PR Agencies in the UK, Crowd

Crowd is an award-winning digital PR agency having an international team of marketing experts from all over the world.

When DENSO contacted the agency, they wanted to build a well-thought digital strategy. The agency provided successful influencer campaign management to increase their brand exposure. The result was a 21% follower growth and 1.2M page impressions on social media. 

Brave Bison

digital PR agency in the UK, Brave Bisondigital PR agency in the UK, Brave Bison

Brave Bison is one of the best digital PR agencies in the UK with great results. They provide you with the right content, networks, and strategy you need to achieve your goals.

The agency is partnered with VOXI to organize an influencer campaign to increase sign-ups to the network. They created multi-channel paid media campaigns and engaging content strategies. In just 3 months, they got the outcome: 10M impressions, 700k video views, and 141k clicks.

The Good Marketer

the good marketer, digital marketing agency in Londonthe good marketer, digital marketing agency in London

Established in London, The Good Marketer is one of the top digital marketing agencies working with small to medium-sized businesses.

Kuishi asked the agency to improve ROI while establishing their website as a leading sales stream. After an initial SEO audit, the agency conducted keyword mapping and employed SEO techniques. Eventually, their efforts raised eCommerce conversion rates by 52.84%. 


Hallam is an award-winning strategic digital marketing agency delivering outstanding results for recognized brands in different sectors.


Raleigh Bikes wanted to increase brand visibility and sales with the assistance of Hallam. The agency came up with a digital PR strategy including SEO and content marketing. They helped the brand achieve a 676% increase in eCommerce revenue YoY.

CEEK Marketing

CEEK MarketingCEEK Marketing

CEEK Marketing is a social media consultancy and digital marketing agency helping brands reach their business goals within short periods. 

The Savoy asked the agency for a marketing strategy that boosts SEO while ensuring the brand’s image is authentic. Therefore, the agency created a strategic plan, offering services such as social media management, search engine optimization, and content production. 



Impression will grow, scale, and improve brands to their maximum capacity through strategic thinking and with care.

Boiler Guide was facing hardships in gaining organic traffic to their site. Therefore, the agency provided a link-building strategy, thought leadership management, and content creation. Their digital PR services led the agency to achieve a 40% lift in organic traffic. 

Digital Uncut

Digital UncutDigital Uncut

Digital Uncut heavily relies on data studies to create the best-performing digital strategies specific for startups.

For TRG Datacenters, the agency designed a digital PR campaign to increase SEO through a backlink strategy. They also worked on creating a brand image that is more friendly. The landing page reached out to many, receiving more than 2,600 backlinks as of the year 2021. 


Adtrak is a full-service digital marketing agency providing intelligent and performance-driven marketing solutions for their clients.


When Delawonder came to the agency, they hadn’t even a brand name. Adtrak offered them various services including branding, website design, and engaging content. They also helped the brand promote their services through multi-channel launches.

Disturb Digital

Disturb Digital works with established clients such as BBC or Forbes to drive sales, high-value leads, and brand recognition.

digital marketing agency in london, disturb digitaldigital marketing agency in london, disturb digital

Mary Katrantzou wanted to attract attention to their fashion show and improve brand visibility. Therefore, the agency designed a series of Instagram stickers showcasing the brand’s excellence. On the first day, the videos were viewed more than 670,000 times. 


Tecmark is one of the best SEO agencies in the UK creating data-driven digital PR campaigns to help clients achieve more brand recognition.

digital PR agency tecmarkdigital PR agency tecmark

Sainbury’s Jobs contacted Tecmark to increase their job applications. The agency created landing pages and engaging content. Then, they employed effective SEO techniques leading to a 763% increase in organic traffic. 


Damteq is an excellent marketing digital PR agency building intelligent digital experiences and campaigns.


Aqua Cooling wanted to rebrand their business with a new website and digital marketing strategy. Damteq worked on their brand logo and guidelines and employed paid ad and organic media strategies to promote the websites. Eventually, they achieved a 30% increase in search volumes.


HUB is a digital PR agency that brings together industry knowledge and years of experience while creating the best strategy for you.

HUB, digital PR agencyHUB, digital PR agency

For London South Bank University, HUB managed a promotional campaign showcasing the excellence of the school through video content. They promoted this video and campaign during the enrollment periods and one of the lucky ones won the grand prize. 

Social Chameleon

Social Chameleon is a talented digital marketing agency specializing in creating effective digital PR strategies.

London-based digital marketing agency Social ChameleonLondon-based digital marketing agency Social Chameleon

They won the Most Trusted Digital Marketing Company in 2021 by SME Awards. They have 100% 5 star reviews as well as 6:1 average ROAS. Whatever your goal is, whether it is more reach, revenue, or awareness, you are in the right hands.

Captivate Hospitality

Since 2009, Captivate Hospitality has presented outstanding results and excellent customer service to hospitality businesses all over the globe.

captivate hospitality, captivate hospitality,

Smoky Boys needed a strong brand identity to expand their business. The agency created influential social media campaigns, retaining more and more loyal customers and a wide customer base. 

Bundle Digital

Bundle Digital is a digital marketing agency focusing on inbound marketing for B2C and eCommerce businesses.

Ranging from email marketing, content marketing to SEO or PPC, they deliver the best results your brand needs. They combine great content with effective SEO, putting the PPC advertising campaigns at the core of their strategy.

Top digital PR agencies in the UK help your brand raise awareness, leads, and revenue. Working with them enables you to shine out in this competitive digital world.



10 Popular Website Design Trends for 2022


Comfort and Minimalism

Keep it simple: Minimalism goes on as a popular trend with more white spaces that give a clean, versatile design.

Slow yet detailed animations can achieve comfort. Content should be short but focused. This is to make sure that your message is conveyed to visitors at first glance.

Keep in mind that… First impression lasts.

Futuristic Designs

When it comes to futuristic design, designers outpace movies.

When going over leading designs, you will usually see a highly technological work or huge data visualization. Data points have increased to 20X in the last 3 years, which makes them difficult to understand.

Custom Illustrations, Videos

An image speaks louder than words. In addition, they save space and capture the interest of users.

A study reveals that the time spent on a website increases by 100% when a page includes at least one image or video.

Videos never fail to impress since 85% of shoppers would most likely make a purchase after viewing a demonstration.

Shadows to Create an Illusion of Depth

Shadows are popular in the designers world since they create more depth. They allow you to turn your flat design to semi-flat. Shadows, as well as slight variation of colors, can be used for the following:

  • making CTA’s seem raised when they are about to be clicked
  • establishing a visual order among elements

Note: Refrain from using too many shadows.

Responsive Web Design and Logos

Since Google became the leader in search engines, web developers have become comfortable using Responsive web design. This is also seen in logos as well. All these can be attributed to Google.

At present, brands need a responsive website and logo design to maintain their presence before their target audience – no matter what device they use.

Minimalist Images

To effectively draw a user’s attention on a particular item, it is best to use a plain background to focus more on a specific detail. This strategy is always used in e-commerce. Web designers are now applying it to boost CTA.

More Blank Spaces

Web designers use blank spaces now more than ever. This is since a negative space makes a user focus on something valuable. This is, for example, the product you are selling with optimized CTA.

Animations, Cinegraphs, Gifs

Users would rather watch stories than read text. Motion could easily capture a user’s interest more than anything else. This is the reason why Instagram is successful.

Animations, cinegraphs and Gifs can be used to create striking web pages, news letters and banners, among others. These terms are familiar to users of social media.

Add animations to let users go smoothly throughout navigation and loading screens, to name a few.


Micro-interactions can be seen everywhere. They differ from animations in a way that is difficult to explain. Just refer to the example that follows.

They are used in creating highly interactive user interfaces so the users do not have to visit and scroll down the pages.

Bright Gradients and Vivid Colors

After a long period of absence, gradients are back online. Gradients 2.0, with their distinct colors, are fast becoming popular.



How to Setup CloudFlare Flexible SSL for WordPress

As we all know Google has announced that it will be counting HTTPS as a ranking factor now. That means if you use HTTPS it will increase the chances of Google ranking you higher in it’s search results.

Previously switching to HTTPS was expensive and technical having to buy SSL certificates and install them yourself. Thankfully Cloudflare have released a free version that does exactly the same job and is easier to set up.

Free Cloudflare SSL on WordPress. There are different types of SSL certificates. They also come at a different cost and some of them are free. To the untrained eye, they all do the same thing, which is, of course, not true. A free SSL certificate is usually a self-signed certificate and regardless of being there, the browsers will prompt visitors with a security warning (which in turn can actually be worse than not having an SSL certificate at all).

So how about getting an SSL certificate that’s both free and does the job? Totally possible! Provided that you understand and accept the following disclaimers:

  • The flexible Cloudflare SSL only encrypts the exchange between the visitor and the site (not between your hosting server and Cloudflare)
  • Your visitors will see that the site is marked as ‘Secure’ and resolving under the HTTPS protocol, but it will not protect forms that ask for sensitive information (like credit card credentials)
  • If you are running a blog or a showcase site this is a great solution. Otherwise, it is highly advised to get a full SSL certificate issued by a certified authority

How to add Cloudflare SSL to WordPress?

Here’s the list of 5 things you need to do to setup Cloudflare free SSL on your site:

  1. Request and set up the free Flexible SSL on Cloudflare
  2. Install required plugins on your WordPress site
  3. Change the WordPress Site URL
  4. Enforce HTTPS via Cloudflare
  5. Resolve mixed-content issues

1. Requesting and setting up the free Flexible SSL on Cloudflare

Sign up for Cloudflare

sign up for cloudflare

Visit the Cloudflare sign up page. Enter your credentials and verify your email address.

Add your site

add website to cloudflare

All you need to do in this step is enter the domain name of your site.

Select the free plan

select cloudflare free plan

Choose the free plan which should be all the way to the left.

Change your name servers

change your name servers

IMPORTANT***: In order for the whole thing to work, you will have to point your nameservers to Cloudflare. You will need to configure this at your domain name registrar, which might be different from your hosting provider. After you have copied over the nameservers to your domain name registrar, click ‘Continue’ and you will be redirected to the settings for this domain.

Request the Flexible SSL Certificate

request cloudflare flexible ssl certificate for wordpress

In case you are not seeing a page that looks like the one above, click on ‘Home’ and then click on the domain name that you added.

You will see a row of icons. Click on ‘Crypto’ and choose Flexible from the drop-down menu under SSL settings (it should be the second item in the drop-down list).

If you have pointed your nameservers to Cloudflare, as instructed in the previous step, the SSL should be active in 15 minutes approximately. This can vary depending on several factors like propagation time on your DNS, Cloudflare, etc.

If you have something else to do, check back later to see if the SSL is active and proceed.

Preparing WordPress for Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL

IMPORTANT – In your WordPress backend leave your WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) as HTTP.

Next, you will have to install both of these two plugins below.

CloudFlare Flexible SSL Plugin

This plugin is essential for enabling Flexible SSL on WordPress and will prevent infinite redirect loops when loading WordPress sites under CloudFlare’s Flexible SSL system.

CloudFlare Flexible SSL Plugin

cloudflare flexible ssl plugin

WordPress HTTPS Plugin

This plugin isn’t essential if all of your plugins and links on your website are already HTTPS. Most people’s links aren’t so this plugin changes them all to https.

WordPress HTTPS Plugin

WordPress HTTPS (SSL)

Configure WordPress HTTPS Plugin’s Settings

  1. Go into the plugin’s settings
  2. Select yes for the proxy setting
  3. Save

Instruct CloudFlare to deliver our content via HTTPS

  1. Go back to Cloudflare
  2. Select your domain
  3. In the row of icons at the top select page rules
  4. Turn “always use HTTPs” on
  5. Add your domain name as the page rule in between two asterisks
  6. Click add rule

Change your WordPress Site Address (URL)

Finally change your Site Address (URL) to “https://”, but make sure you leave the WordPress Address (URL) as “http://”.

**IMPORTANT** If you change your WordPress Address (URL) to “https://” it will break your site. If you change your Site Address (URL) to “https://”, without the Cloudflare Flexible plugin running it will also break.

Check your Cloudflare Flexible SSL is working

That should be you setup with your new free Cloudflare Flexible SSL Certificate. Just visit your website in a browser and check to see if the green lock is showing on the top left of your address bar.



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Website User Experience Design and Optimization Guide

What is the user experience? What aspects of the user experience are involved?

User Experience (UE/UX) is a purely subjective psychological experience built up by users in the process of using a product (service). From a system perspective, it is a holistic concept that produces a user experience at different stages of the product, in different channels, and wherever possible, in contact with products, services, and the enterprise itself. There are many factors that can affect the experience that users actually use. The individual differences in the users who try the products (services) also determine that the true feelings/experiences of each user cannot be fully simulated or reproduced in a very efficient way. But for a well-defined group of users, the commonality of their user experience can be recognized through well-designed tests/experiments.

The design of the user experience of the website is reflected in everything that happens to the customer and our website. All interactions include watching our company’s latest product promotion dialogue, clicking through the official website, viewing the help center, advertising, email, and chat via instant messaging… even a small tab on a product page. Detailed research and comparison We have found that all of these will be linked over time to form a user’s perception and experience of the website as a whole. The design of these experiences is not casual; it is constantly extracted from the various data generated by the user’s browsing behavior; the best practices are found in constant user product testing/feedback.

Why emphasize website user experience design?

User experience is life. Everything in your life involves your experience, alarm clock, bathroom, bus, card machine, traffic lights, mobile phone, computer, keyboard, mouse… Every day, we are dealing with products and using and experiencing products every day. Some products have a bad condition during use. For example: an alarm clock that looks very Feel. Its wake-up function has too many options. It is too complicated. As users don’t know how to configure a simple wake-up function…from the initial collection of data, research and analysis Product prototypes, continuous adjustment and optimization after the product goes online, is the no return of products…

The mining website of user experience design elements of various industry websites is to explore business opportunities. To put it simply, it is closely related to ROI. The direct performance of the e-commerce website’s good user experience design is that the user interaction of the website becomes frequent and the user’s stickiness is improved; the indirect sales volume is improved. Depending on the search engine marketing website, optimizing the website user experience will help search engine rankings and bring more traffic. Another example: the purpose of pornographic websites is to make a profit, the focus is that it captures the psychological and even physiological needs of this user group.

In today’s Internet age, whether a product can be successful or not, the user experience is becoming a key factor. Users buy your product, not the end of the transaction with you. On the contrary, when the user picks up your product and uses your product, the journey of the user experience product really begins, and whether the user experience journey is enjoyable will directly affect your word of mouth and affect your sales. When the technical conditions are not much different, we can continue to improve the experience design of the product through continuous trials, improve the user experience, and make the user feel more pleasant and more valuable. This will be an effective way to establish a brand and build a reputation. .

User-centric design concepts continue to grow, creating questions and discussions about the importance of designing and enhancing the user experience. Simply put: “It is important because it deals directly with user needs.” User-centric, usability-centric will make our website unique. Thinking about it only has two things that determine how we do user experience design: what we think and what users want to experience.

Understand the user experience design of the website – the five components of the user experience

These five elements are called “five elements of web user experience design”, understand its whole and learn to decompose and adjust the details, and slowly grow up.

Website User Experience Optimization Guide – Let’s think about a few user experience related issues

The website has been scaled up and it is difficult to change the entire framework. In order to experience it better, we should “go to its dross and take its essence”; to get rid of it in order to be better in one aspect; to give up other less important ones in order to be better in some respects. aspect.

First, a clear goal: to fully understand the user’s key needs to fully tap the user’s needs

Before you begin to determine your optimization goals, ask yourself: “How can I provide the users with what they want and achieve my goals?” To answer this question, first understand what the user’s goals are and what their goals are. Comprehensively collect and analyze the explicit needs of users, and at the same time, through all aspects of data analysis to explore hidden requirements and try to connect them with their own goals, and roughly determine the type of web page presentation (blog articles, atlas display, e-commerce shopping) and many more). We need to consider the core products and advantages of our website, and pay attention to the excellent product cases in related fields. Maybe we will feel that our website is very good in many aspects, but the best advice is to focus on one or two core strengths, focusing on the best areas to provide quality content. This will not be very tiring for the creation of a product or service. 


Before you start, ask yourself some of the following questions:

How do users find my website? What are their characteristics of the road? What are they looking for? Can I provide what they need? Did they forget some aspects? Based on the above, what do I want to get from the user? How do I get the ideal response from the user’s behavior?

If we operate an IT technology news site, after considering all of the above issues, the simple conclusions that can be drawn are as follows:

Most users come from search engines through keywords and go directly to the article page. Users are looking for specific content related to keywords. We display detailed articles for the entire page on the landing page. Although our website provides relevant content, users seem to Dissatisfied with the need for more information. Our goal is to engage users, stay longer, read more, and recognize the focus of the site. The real difficulty is how to achieve this goal. We can prove to the user that there are other relevant and valuable content on the site and encourage them to continue reading. This can be done by placing a list of relevant or heated articles at the bottom or right side of each article.


Make Money in Google


Making money in Google can be easy for some people. However for me it was the hardest thing I've ever done. I was totally new to the online world. I first started out with YouTube. Yes that's right. You can make money through the YouTube's partner program. Basically they put an ad on the side of your video and every time someone clicks that ad you earn part of the commission. So Five months later I was making $ 500 a month with YouTube through a couple big hit videos. However I knew that money would drop fast because it's hard to keep having big hit videos. So again I searched around Google and discovered a couple opportunities. I started with the survey sites. Then I found Google AdSense. Right then I hit a Gold Mine. Google AdSense lets you put a ad anywhere on your site and like the YouTube Partner program, every time someone clicks that ad you get part of the money.

How do you get started?

Step 1: First you need to get accepted for Google AdSense.

Step 2: Build a website. With Blogger, WordPress.

Step 3: Start writing articles

Step 4: Once you've been accepted to Google AdSense put the HTML code on your website. It'll take you about five minutes to do.

Step 5: Drive traffic to your site and start earning tons of money.

The hardest part of course will be driving the traffic to your site. Many people will attempt at making money with AdSense; but most will fail. Will you be one of the few to succeed?



The Evolution of MVC Architecture and the Web


As the web evolves, so too is our concept of MVC (model view controller) Architecture. As web applications has become increasingly complex and interactive, more and more logic is added to the browser side of the application. As a result, web applications are beginning to better simulate desktop applications. These types of applications are called RIAs (rich internet applications) and are going mainstream fast. Javascript is being pushed to its limits, and new RIA technologies like Flash 4 and Silverlight are slowly taking over the web. What's going on here?

How was MVC Architecture implemented in the past?

In the past, all three components of MVC Architecture, the model, view, and controller, resided on the web server (see the figure below).

Old MVC Architecture Implementation:

When a request was made to the web server, the controller decided what page the user should be directed too, what data to pull from the data server, how to build the model, and how to build the view. Once the view was created, HTML would then be generated and sent back to the client machine as a response. This was the fatal flaw of web applications in the past. Unlike desktop applications, if users needed to interact with the interface, the application would have to reload the entire page, because all of the components of the MVC architecture were stuck on the web server.

This is why AJAX was born in 1995. Ajax allowed users to somehow interact with a web application's interface much better than before, because individual requests could have been made to the web server, which would then turn in response with new data to update parts of the webpage without referring the whole page. AJAX still was not a perfect solution however, because every user interaction still had to make separate requests to the web server.

How is MVC Architecture implemented today?

Once the web world began to embrace AJAX, a new movement began to unfold called RIAs. With this model, the user could have a rich application experience without making requests to the web server with each action because the view component of the MVC architecture resides in the client (see the figure below)

New MVC Architecture Implementation:

This is a big deal because it means that we are rethinking how MVC architecture is implemented for web applications.

Here's an example. Let's say that you are using a web application that displays data. You enter some inputs, press "Enter", and the web application sends a request to the web server. The controller then gets the appropriate data from the data server, creates a model of that data, and sends it back to the client via JSON. The client receives the JSON and replicates the model as native objects. If the user wants to see this data as a pie chart, the native model can be used to generate a pie chart (which is a view) without making a request to the server. Likewise, if the user wants to see the data as a bar graph, the native model can be used to generate a bar graph, again without making a request to the server. All of this is done without referring the page, and only one request was made to the web server.

Click here to read more about MVC.



5 Best Android Apps for Graphic Designers


For designers from all walks of life, mobile phones and even tablets are becoming useful and personal tools to excel in their field of creativity. Most of the phones whether it be low-budget or high-end flagships, they run on android as it is the most popular mobile platform in the world.

Basically, android apps make smartphones and tablets interesting tools to do anything a user feels like. There are tons of apps on Google Play Store to help you make graphical masterpieces but to find best ones is not a piece of cake! Do not worry as here is a list of top 5 android apps for professional graphic designers:

  1. Sketchbook Express
    Sketchbook Express can become your companion in those moments when you see something and want to draw It out. Originally created by Autodesk, Sketchbook Express is a free professional sketching and painting app which is specially built for creative soul fans who loves to draw down every imaginative idea! This app features various tools to help graphic designers ensure that their work is one step ahead than others. Overall, it is a great app which every designer should install.
  2. Paperless
    Another android app that is gradually leaving its mark on minds of every designer in the world and making its place in Google Play Store Best Apps for Designers is Paperless. Rather than creating masterworks, you can jot down your imaginative ideas and organize them in form of canvas, or e-books. There are 6 tools present for designers which help to sketch, color and writing notes. Without having to log in to your social accounts, you can easily share your creations.
  3. Infinite Design
    Do you want to meet a new kid on the block? Here is Infinite Design which is new on Google Play Store but doing really good and making its space in the industry. All the vector art lovers and designers, this app is specially designed for you as it lets you create immensely mind-boggling designs on smartphones or tablets. It comes packed with various tools like infinite layers, infinite canvas and much more which makes this app even special for graphic designers.
  4. ArtFlow
    If you're finding something different, then here is an android app for graphic designers that tops the popularity charts: Artflow! The user-friendly interface steals the heart away. Creative person of any age group can use ArtFlow. Some of the features that make it stand out are 6-steo undo, 70 brushes, up to 16 layers, etc. Moreover, its 'Palm rejection' feature makes it a favorite of designers.
  5. Adobe Illustrator Draw
    After reading the name, you would have figured out the make of this android app. That's right, Adobe Inc. As a professional graphic designer, if you want to make some exceptional vector artwork and illustrations, do not think twice before using Adobe Illustrator Draw. With 5 vector brushes, scalable strokes, intuitive interface, it becomes a go-to app for every designer.

A designer's life is unpredictable. You do not know what may strike you and when. If you are a freelance graphic designer or a professional one working in an agency, try using these apps for making strokes of genius.