Best Wireframe Tools for Web Designers in 2022


You can consider wireframe tools as the core element of the web designing process. These tools provide an opportunity to the customer and the web developer team to get an idea about the features and the setup of a web design.

The main purpose of drawing a wireframe is to improve your website in terms of aesthetics and style. Using wireframe tools correctly, you can see a bird’s eye view of the web layout. In other words, you can plan how the user will process the information on the website and interact with the interface with wireframe software.

Wireframe tools that make a difference

There are hundreds of free and paid tools you can use available online that can strengthen and improve your website. Here, you can find the best and the most suitable online wireframe tools listed below.


Sketch is a fairly simple tool for modern UI and designing. This tool integrates with other design tools and also supports you to create integration plugins.

Sketch offers you vector editing, boolean operations, pixel-level precisions, grinds and layouts, resizing constraints, math operators, variable and OpenType fonts, insert window, reusable components and more. It has every feature in the macOS app and also a web app to make it easy for you to do your best work at every stage of your process.


InVision is the platform for inclusive collaboration within digital product design and development. With InVision, you can add images and basic shapes and draw the wireframe with your mouse cursor.

InVision is a great tool for teamwork since it’s a cloud app that multiple designers and stakeholders can be signed in and write at the same time. It will work well for designers who want to collaborate with team members on an initial wireframe sketch or comment on more refined wireframes.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is an all-in-one UI/UX design tool. It stands out as an easy to use option for wireframing and interface design projects. You can do everything from wireframing to basic prototyping with Adobe XD. You can easily use this professional wireframe tool, without spending too much time trying to learn the software.

Adobe XD enables;

  • wireframe,
  • mockup, and
  • prototyping in the same design file,

in this way you don’t have to integrate multiple tools. It has too many features such as vector drawing tools, editing in photoshop, responsive resize, blend modes, content-aware layout, components, 3D transforms and more like these.


Figma is a web-based design program suitable for use on the web, macOS, Windows, Linux which allows you to work with your teammates at the same time. With Figma, you can easily create and prototype your wireframes and test your designs with your users with just one link.

Moreover, Figma has many features that enable drawing freely with a modern pen tool that automatically merges points, incorporating plugins to speed up your workflow using libraries to store, find, and add new assets.


UXPin is another powerful prototyping and wireframing tool available on the web, macOS and Windows. With UXPin, you can do interactive wireframe and prototype work with a built-in library of UI and general design elements. 

With this very powerful and advanced one among wireframe tools, UXPin, you can create polished, shiny, and clear wireframes. The advantage of a higher-fidelity wireframe is to have more fine-tuning of the flow and functionality without spending much time redesigning the screen’s components.


Wireframe toolsWireframe tools

Balsamiq is a great design tool for developers, designers and creatives. It allows you to add items to your website or application just by drag-and-drop, which helps for rapid prototyping as well as conveying your ideas quickly and without confusion. It includes some pre-embedded time-saving controls commonly used in wireframing.

Balsamiq’s interface focuses on the basics. Its interface and elements imitate a hand-drawn style to emphasize content and structure over other aspects, making it handy for every stage of a build. Balsamiq’s training system, Balsamiq Wireframing Academy, will shorten your learning process and ease and speed up your work.


best tools for wireframe mockplusbest tools for wireframe mockplus

Mockplus is an all in one designing tool for;

  • wireframe,
  • interactive prototyping,
  • unified collaborations and
  • scalable design systems.

With its cloud-based structure, you can also have dozens of integrations.

Mockplus enables you to add notes and documentation to each element in your design and save your style guide. It offers you room for your project area to create and save documentation in a text editor. You can control your review feedback process and make sure everything will go well when you are making wireframes.

Fluid UI

Wireframe tools fluid UIWireframe tools fluid UI

If you are in need of detailed mockups, you can try a high-fidelity wireframing and prototyping tool, Fluid UI. With Fluid UI;

  • create wireframe drawings using Fluid UI’s online editor, which includes almost all current mobile-specific design features,
  • switch between pages by making the design element you want clickable,
  • easily share your work with your team and get their opinions,

Fluid UI has many features to improve your website such as rapid prototyping, built-in libraries, upload existing assets, mouse and touch gestures, add and resolve comments, installable desktop client and more like these. With its advanced features, Fluid UI will help your team flesh out your website efficiently.


Wireframe tools cacooWireframe tools cacoo

Cacoo is a wireframing and diagram tool built for collaboration. You can track changes to review previous versions of your designings and integrate programs and applications like Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, and Adobe Creative Cloud for collaborative work with Cacoo.

There are more than 20 wireframe templates and UI shapes in Cacoo, including the user-friendly drag and drop wireframe tool. By communicating directly in the wireframe with comment and notification features, Cacoo allows real-time editing on the same diagram so your team can work together on wireframes wherever they are.


Lucidchart is a visual collaboration tool that makes drawing diagrams quick and easy. You can easily create and edit diagrams online and offline. When using it online, you can experience real-time collaboration with changes that are immediately merged and synchronized. 

With Lucidchart, you can quickly build and share wireframes and mockups online. While UX designers will probably require a more sophisticated wireframing tool, Lucidchart is the perfect solution for non-designers. With its ease of use, you can create polished wireframes and mockups by developing web and designing UX.


While wrapping this best wireframe tools guide up, we would like to mention that there is no one fits all solutions for each business in this digital-centric world. So, it will always better to be mindful of your requirements and tech stack before choosing a wireframe tool.

As each business has a different design process, making a decision might take more time than you imagined. If you would like to consider other solutions in the design market, you can have a look at our best web design tools list that covers a vast array of solutions to your unique needs.



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